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Cultivating elegance and class is an endeavor every young woman should begin. True elegance and sophistication are traits that never go out of style and have more to do with how we view ourselves than anything else.

In modern times, in many ways, elegance and class seem to have gone out the window in our society. Now, we glamorize wearing our pajamas to Walmart and loathing ourselves. But there truly is something magical about a woman who not only knows who she is, but who carries herself accordingly.

Here are 11 unique traits of an elegant woman:

1. They are kind.

Elegant women know that, above all, being kind to others is highly important. No one deserves to be treated in a cruel or rude way, and elegant women understand that, and emanate love from within, and treat others with kindness.

2. They show intellect.

An elegant woman nurtures her intelligence and is well-read. They spend time learning new things and strive to understand the world around them. You will likely find an elegant woman watching TedTalk or listening to a podcast to expand their intelligence.

3. They dress tastefully.

Elegant women dress for the occasion, and somehow almost always look put together. Whether they are running to the store for some bread to go with dinner or going to a dinner party, they always appear at their best.

4. They tactfully use their vocabulary.

Elegant women choose their words carefully and don’t use words that don’t match their situation. They aren’t quick to speak, but instead, think before they speak, and make sure they don’t say the wrong thing.

5. They carry themselves well.

Women who are elegant carry themselves differently. They have confidence and are in tune with their bodies, and it shows.

6. They are punctual.

An elegant woman respects the time of others, and when they arrange to be somewhere at a certain time, they follow through. No matter what they have going on in their lives, they strive to be on time, not fashionably late.

7. They respond promptly.

Elegant women don’t wait to respond to an invite or message, they respond at their first chance. And when someone goes out of their way to do something for her, she is quick to say thank you or send out a “Thank You” card.

8. They stand by their word.

An elegant woman realizes her word is all she has. Because of this, she doesn’t make false promises or overextend herself.

9. They don’t chase men.

No matter what the circumstance, a classy or elegant woman knows her worth, and she will not chase after any man. Instead, she respects her peace and knows that any man worth having will not play games with her or her time.

10. They are not petty.

Elegant women don’t take opportunities to be petty or get revenge. They understand that integrity is important, and they treat others how they would want to be treated, no matter what.

11. They have hobbies.

A truly elegant woman is a woman of substance. They don’t sit around watching television, living an uninteresting life. Instead, they have hobbies, interests, and places to be.