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If you don’t pay much attention to your vibrational frequency you most likely don’t realize how much it really is affecting you in general. There are a lot of things that can be affecting it and we should all be more aware in general.

For those who do not know everything has a vibrational frequency, this includes us. We are always in a constant state of motion whether we notice it or not. Everything that manifests itself in our lives is manifested through matching the vibrations of our thoughts as well as the vibrations of ourselves.

When it comes to getting your vibration where it needs to be you can do a number of things. That being said clean eating and positive thinking goes far further than most things do. Clean eating is eating foods that are minimally processed and do not contain all of the additives that other more ‘junk’-like foods do/are. Below you will see a list of changes you can make to your diet to eat more clean and increase your vibrational frequency.

11 Changes You Can Make to Your Diet That Will Raise Your Vibrational Frequency:

1. Cut down on consumption of processed foods.

While eliminating processed foods altogether would be best cutting down is a huge help as well. Processed foods are loaded with chemicals and preservatives and most ate sprayed with pesticides. This kind of thing takes less energy to digest than whole foods do and causes weight gain. They are just not good for our health overall.

2. Cut out or at least limit alcohol consumption.

Alcohol doesn’t do much for us. It mostly just causes health issues for the most part. If you must consume alcohol do so in moderation. Sure, there are some positive aspects that can be associated with some different alcoholic beverages but overall the risks associated are not outweighed.

3. Drink water more often.

Cut back on or get rid of the sodas. Drink more water, our bodies need water to survive. Most of us are far more dehydrated than we care to notice. Water should be your primary drink throughout the day, anything else should be considered a treat.

4. Pay more attention to the labels.

Know what you are putting into your body. Do some research on all of these big words and figure out what they mean. Don’t eat anything you are not comfortable with eating. Opt for foods with whole food ingredients. Sure, sometimes this is not possible but for the most part, a quick google search will help when figuring out what to eat and what not to eat.

5. Stop using vegetable oil.

Vegetable oil in all forms should be avoided. In case you were not aware they are linked to several serious health problems and are overall quite unnatural as they are usually produced using genetically modified ingredients. There are tons of alternatives you can opt for. I personally love using coconut or olive oil instead. You can learn more about the dangers of vegetable oil by clicking here.

6. If you must eat meat go with free-range or organic products.

While free-range or organic does not always mean well kept it is a bit better than some of the other options. Sure, cutting out meat completely would be ideal but some people just won’t. If you are going to eat meat try to get it from the best source you can rather than just buying any ole thing at the grocery store.

7. Opt for unrefined grains when possible.

Go for things like quinoa, wild rice, oats, and things of the sort. Whole wheat products are always better than their opponents and are beneficial to our health. That being said always be sure to check the label as just because it says whole grain does not mean it truly is. The ingredients list should be the first thing you look at always.

8. Eat more fresh fruit and veggies.

Most people just don’t eat enough fresh fruit and veggies. Eating more fruit and veggies can and will significantly reduce your risks of developing a large number of chronic diseases. If possible always opt for organic or even go to a local farmer’s market and get locally homegrown fruit and veggies. Those are the BEST options. Where I am we have something called ‘trade day’ and it is where I get most of my produce during the summertime.

9. Limit the sugars you are eating.

We tend to get far more sugar in our diets than we need. The average American actually consume about four times the amount of sugar a day than what they should be getting. Keep an eye on the sugar content of the foods you are eating.

Make sure it’s listed more towards the bottom of the ingredients list as that will indicate less of it being used in the food. Also, try to get some nutrients from the food as well don’t just dive into empty sugar calories. I know this is much easier to want to do than it is to actually do but you will get the hang of it.

10. Take the environment into consideration.

When it comes to your diet consider what the things you eat have to do with nature itself. Look at different sources and think about what might be best for the planet itself. I know this may sound like an odd request but I promise it is important.

11. Pay attention to the sodium you are taking in.

As mentioned with the sugar we also tend to ingest a bit too much sodium. While cutting back on processed foods will also cut back on your sodium intake it is something you need to keep an eye on. You can use salt just try not to use too much.

I know it may sound a bit crazy that these things help raise your vibration but taking care of your body can have some pretty great benefits and one of those benefits is definitely helping with your vibrational frequency. For some more tips on raising your vibration that are not diet related check out the video below. Will you be trying clean eating?

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