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There are lots of different archangels and each one brings something unique and important to the table for each of us. Without the guidance of these angels moving through everyday life would be a lot more complicated than most stop to realize.

In this article, we will be going over archangel Metatron specifically. Metatron is a very special archangel as he is one that once was a human. He ascended into the angelic world because of his faith and from there he was able to become so much more than he ever thought possible. 

As you make progress in this life and work towards your spiritual truth Metatron will work through you to help raise your vibration and allow you to better yourself in ways you might never have thought you were capable of. He shares with others the things that were shared with him. Those who are especially energetically sensitive or psychic overall tend to find him quite prominent in their lives.

Below I am going to go over some signs that Metatron could be working within your life to benefit your overall spiritual self. These signs will make his presence known and leave you unable to ignore him. While he is powerful and overwhelming in some ways, he is extremely beneficial to all of us, and we should be embracing him as best we can.

11 Signs You’re Being Guided By Archangel Metatron:

1. You no longer fear the unknown.

Metatron’s presence overall is quite empowering. Feeling him by your side will allow you to break through many barriers in this world. You will notice a sense of willingness to dive into things you otherwise would be terrified of.

2. You’re actually working to replace negative thoughts within your own mind.

Because Metatron is so powerful he can also help you to change the way you think. He will urge you to create a new more positive mindset by replacing your negative thoughts and cultivating that within you to do the same. From here you can be much more optimistic and create a more positive life for yourself.

3. You’re seeing the number 11 a lot more.

The number 11 itself is linked with Metatron himself. If you’re seeing this number or a repeating version of it he is making himself known. This is a sign that he is there with you and will remain by your side.

4. You’re noticing a lot of sacred geometrical structures in your day to day life.

Metatron was involved in the formation of these structures overall and thus uses them to his advantage. He will present different things before you and from there allow you to figure out what those things mean on your own. This is his way of offering support.

5. You’re processing things much more properly lately.

The more present Metatron is in your life the easier it will become for you to tap into your higher self and thus process things as a whole. While this one takes time to develop looking back you will see a real difference. He works to change us all in some of the most unexpected ways.

6. You keep smelling specific herbs.

When it comes to Metatron himself he is often said to use specific scents to make himself known. Those scents are that of herbs and in specific peppercorn. This is a sign he wants you to notice in the hopes of bringing you more awareness.

7. You’re beginning to come to terms with things from your past.

Metatron has the ability to tap into the Akashic Records and through that, he can allow you to work through things in your past that you are unable to work through on your own. He will highlight them in your life and bring forth the lesson they were hiding. While this can be a bit uncomfortable it is important.

8. You are more tuned into your spiritual side.

Metatron is one of the most spiritual beings there are and he will help you find the place you need to be in within your own body. Aligning with your truest form becomes a lot easier when he is by your side. You will become more interested in the spiritual side of things and really begin to question a lot more than you usually would.

9. You’re reaching new levels of awareness.

The more prominent he is in your life the more aware you will become of your path in this world. Metatron will work to bring you to new levels of awareness and help you uncover your truth. It is only a matter of time when it comes to him being near.

10. You’re feeling some serious things come from your intuitive side.

Metatron tunes into our intuitive side and uses it to guide us. He will tell us things we need to know and make us more aware as a whole. He is a very powerful being that can work through us in more ways than most of us tend to realize.

11. You’re frequently noticing flashes of light.

Whenever Metatron is present you may notice flashes of light. This is because of how fiery his presence truly is. While you might chalk it up as a mere flicker or something being too bright for a moment, that’s not it at all.