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Moving from a relationship to being single happens in an instance and can either make or break the next few years of your life depending on how invested you were. If you were in a toxic relationship for a long period of time, post-relationship stress might be something you cannot avoid.

Regardless of the kinds of damage, you were facing the signs below will be present if you’re dealing with post-relationship stress. For those who do not know, post-relationship stress is something that can come with bad dreams, loss of awareness, intense emotions, and so much more. How many of these align with yourself and your current situation moving forward? Perhaps becoming more aware will help you work to overcome this PRS issue properly.

11 Signs That Post-Relationship Stress Has Hit You Hard:

1. You just can’t let go.

You tend to think about your ex all the time. You just can’t get him/her off your mind. While you don’t want to get back with him/her you are stuck in your own mind. This is a painful experience and is something that will really drag you down.

2. You are constantly blaming yourself for everything.

Because you are going through a lot in your own mind right now you might blame yourself for your own insecurities. You are not the person you once were and getting back to that isn’t going to be easy. After you’ve been blamed by others for so long, you begin to do the same to yourself.

3. You feel like you’re always looking over your shoulder.

Because of the things you’ve gone through being on edge is going to be hard to avoid. You’re going to be feeling as if someone is always out to get you and like moving forward is impossible. The relationship you were in last really took a toll on you and you need to come to terms with that.

4. You tend to have quite obsessive thoughts.

Your thoughts are much more obsessive than those of other people. You think in a way that sends you spiraling downward because you do not know how to process right now. You always expect the worst and even in the best situations cannot stop yourself.

5. You feel isolated and far lonelier than you ever have.

When you’re facing PRS you need to lean on your support system as best you can. You are not as alone as you feel and you can and will get through this. While it seems like the end of the world, it isn’t.

6. You avoid physical contact.

When you’re coming out of a relationship that was overly physical be it in positive or negative ways you’re not going to want to be around others in that way. You are right to take your time and you deserve your space. Don’t rush this and be aware that while it is PRS driven it’s not something you have to be willing to jump into either way.

7. You don’t know how to move forward in love.

You are unsure if a relationship is ever going to be something you want again. Moving forward in love is not a thought you can wrap your head around right now. You just have no clue where things are going and it is driving you mad.

8. Your confidence is completely shattered.

Getting back to normal is not going to be easy. You’re not going to gain your confidence back overnight and you need to be aware of that. While this is going to be annoying to you for a while, you can work through it.

9. You’re always suspicious of others intentions.

Because of the things you’ve experienced you know that those who act the most supportive can turn out to be the exact opposite. You are always wondering if the people around you have motives you cannot see and you refuse to trust anyone. You are obsessed with the thought of keeping toxic people away from you on the best possible scale.

10. Your wants and needs are not the same as they once were.

You are now beginning to change things within. You are not the person you once were and you are coming to terms with that. Your needs and wants are not what they were when you were with the person who brought you down the most.

11. You keep reliving the pain you’ve gone through.

You cannot seem to let go of the pain you were put through. It’s like no matter what it’s always creeping back up on you. This could include flashbacks or just intrusive thoughts. Either way, it’s hard and something you will have to give yourself time to work through.