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When you have a good man who is willing to help you grow and in return grow himself, you shouldn’t just let petty situations get in your way. Sure, romantic relationships can be hard but some of them are very worth fighting for. 

If you’re struggling in your current relationship and trying to decide if things need to come to an end or if fighting for things to keep going and working hard to make them work is the route you need to take then you are in the right place. Sure, we all go through ups and downs but feeling a bit conflicted regarding your present situation isn’t anything you should find alarming, we’re only human after all. Below I am going to go over some signs that you should look for when it comes to love. 

If these signs are present in your relationship, keep going and really do all you can to make things work. Life is never as cut and dry as we want it to be and you need to keep that in mind. Don’t take the person who loves you the most for granted.

11 Signs Your Man Is Worth Fighting For:

1. He is still affectionate towards you and makes intimacy a priority.

He even when times are hard is always kissing you and trying to make you feel like he cares. He goes out of his way to make you feel close to him and cared for. You matter to him and that is not something you have to question.

2. You can always rely on him above all else.

No matter the situation you know he will be there for you. Whether it’s 2 am or three pm, he will answer your call and show up at your door. You are both on the same page when it comes to this kind of thing.

3. He is always willing to talk things through.

He isn’t the kind of guy who closes you out. When there is a conflict between the two of you he wants to sit down and talk. Sure, things might get heated sometimes but no one is being abused and everyone is being heard properly.

4. You’re both still progressing in other areas of your lives.

Neither one of you has put off your own lives for the relationship. You’re both headed to similar areas and working hard. You are both each other’s biggest fans.

5. He is a very driven and hard-working man.

He is very driven and always doing what he needs to do. He works hard and does all he can to find himself on top. The more he does the more proud you feel. It’s like he can do anything he sets his mind to.

6. You don’t want to be with anyone else.

You don’t see yourself with anyone but him and don’t think trying anyone else out would work. You are comfortable and secure where you are and the idea of being with another person is not appealing to you. You don’t want anyone but the person before you.

7. You love being with him and love who he brings out in you.

You love being with him and spending time around him. The more you’re together the more perfect things feel. Sure you have rough patches here and there but so does everyone else. Overall most situations are quite positive between the two of you.

8. He is always respectful of you and your personal space.

He does not cross your personal boundaries and respects you as a person. You are not just another notch in his belt or someone he sees as his property. You are his partner above all else.

9. You can tell he is trying to make things work.

You are not the only one putting forth an effort to make things work. You can see that he is trying as well. No one is being left behind in this sense.

10. He still makes time for you even when he’s busy.

Even when he has one thousand things to do he still makes the time to reply to your text messages and call you back. He doesn’t just brush you off or make you feel unimportant. He knows you need validation and care.

11. He is unapologetically himself around you.

He doesn’t hide his true feelings from you. You see him as he really is and on a level, others do not. You are able to see him for who he is on the inside.