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While this world is full of men who really suck and treat their partner’s bad, it is also full of great guys who would give their lovers the world if they could. Knowing what kind of partner you have and being able to show your appreciation properly is very important in this day and age.

While you might think your partner is kind of a jerk sometimes or that you have too many arguments, the way you face those arguments together and how treat one another overall tells us exactly what we need to know in regards. Sadly considering how toxic relationships can be many of us take good men for granted and don’t realize that we’re sabotaging something amazing until it is too late. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that your partner is a good man and that you should hold onto him for as long as possible. 

He might not be the most attractive man in the world and he probably isn’t a millionaire but he will be there for you when you need him the most. He will stand by your side and push you up when the rest of the world is holding you down. Don’t take him for granted.

11 Signs Your Man Is A Good One:

1. You can trust him.

If you can trust your partner you’re already ahead of most people. You know he won’t cheat on you and you know that he always has your best interests at heart. You’d be surprised how many people there are who have been with people for a long time that they do not trust at all. Those people are absolutely miserable.

2. He takes your opinion/constructive criticism seriously.

If your partner takes your opinion seriously and values what you have to say he is a keeper. He wants to know how you feel and is open to making the changes that he needs to make to keep things as they should be. When you’re both able to operate from this kind of mindset you’re able to grow together tremendously.

3. He is there for you even when no one else is.

If he is there for you through thick and thin he really cares for you. When everyone else has abandoned you and left you to deal with things on your own he is right there by your side. He knows that you need him and he through all that life sends towards you knows he needs you as well.

4. He respects you and your boundaries.

He doesn’t cross your boundaries. If you tell him no, he respects it. This is a sign that he too respects you. If you don’t have respect within your relationship, you don’t have much of a relationship.

5. You feel safe with him.

When you’re with him you feel safe. He is in many ways a great comfort to you. You can come to him about anything and you know you will not be judged.

6. He calls you beautiful.

He appreciates you and always works to build you up. He wants you to know how you make him feel and how beautiful you are so he is vocal about it. This is something not everyone gets the chance to experience.

7. He is open and honest with you.

He doesn’t lie to you. If something happens he is quick to make sure you know about it. The more open and honest you are with one another the healthier your relationship will become.

8. He supports you properly.

He is always there when you need him. He is your biggest fan and always hyping you up. He believes in you more than anyone else does.

9. He doesn’t beat you down emotionally or get physical when you’re arguing or otherwise.

He is the kind of person that will respect you and be kind to you even when things are heated. You can both sit down and talk things out without him freaking out or flying off the handle. Sadly most people in this world struggle to face their anger in a constructive manner and it creates tons of issues for them in their love lives.

10. He never makes you feel unworthy.

He wants you to know how important you are so, as a result, he makes sure you know your worth. As noted above he is always building you up and letting you know how much he cares. He is just as lucky to have you as you are to have him.

11. You know he appreciates all you do for him.

He is always saying thank you and making his appreciation known. He doesn’t ignore your kind acts and use you to get things in life. He is there for you in the ways that you need him to be and he makes sure you know that he will always be there.