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Your soul family for those who do not know is a group of people who are literally the spirit equivalent of your birth family here on this planet. They may not be related to you in this life, but they are connected to you on a truly spiritual level.

You and your soul family are all parts of the same soul broken down into different sections. You are meant to love and support one another. Some people have large soul families, and others have small ones. This just depends on the person. If you have a soul family incarnated on Earth there is without a doubt a very strong chance of coming together.

Soul families are tied together with invisible string, and if they are on this planet they will all be making their way to one another. Sure, it sometimes can take years, but when the time is right you will link up. When you meet someone who is a member of your soul family you just know. There is an instant connection. If you notice the following signs you have met someone who is a member of your soul family.

11 Signs You Have Found Someone From Your Soul Family:

1. They help you to grow.

They push you to grow as a person. They won’t let you force yourself down into a rut. Everything about them is amazing.

2. They may have similar life experiences as you.

It is as if you are the same person. They have gone through things you have and understand your pain. They feel the things you feel.

3. You feel understood.

You feel as if this person or these people can truly understand you for who you are. You don’t have to hide or be fake with them. Communication flows like magic.

4. You have more patience with them.

You seem to be more patient with them. They teach you to be a better person, and really allow you to open up. Sure, we all make mistakes, but they are well worth fighting for.

5. You can truly and completely open up with them.

You don’t have to be fake with them. They can really make you feel at home without even trying. You really get each other.

6. You feel like you have known them your whole life.

You really feel like you have been a part of each other’s lives forever. Sure, you just met, but you really connect. This is a connection like a nothing you have ever felt before; everything is just easy.

7. You lose track of time when you are with them.

Spending time with them is so easy. You really enjoy being around one another, and time flies by when you are together. You forget to check the time, and before you know it, you’ve spent the whole day together.

8. They make you want to be the best you that you can be.

Your soul family is supposed to help you grow, and they will do just that. This person will be truthful to you and never lead you astray. You can be the best version of yourself if you really want it.

9. They came into your life at the perfect time.

You really came into each other’s lives at the best moment. It is like the stars aligned and everything fell into place. You were meant to find one another.

10. They help you to let go of negative emotions.

People from your soul group really help you to grow as a person. This involves getting over the things you have been holding onto. Negative emotions are only going to bring you down, you will help one another work through trapped emotions.

11. They work together with you to do things that truly matter.

You both have similar goals, and you are well on your way to make a difference in this world. When it comes to doing the things that matter, you are by each other’s sides through it all.