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While you might think you’re with the right person you might not be. The right person for you could end up being someone completely opposite from what you would assume, love is a little crazy in that sense.

Just because you have a few things in common and click physically doesn’t mean you’re meant to be. Being with the right person is much deeper than most people tend to realize. When it comes to your partner and how things will play out you should look at the signs. If most are present then your relationship is not as positive as you might hope for it to be.

We all desire different things and we cannot help but be attracted to those we find attractive but sometimes we end up in toxic situations and labeling them as love. Love is not going to tear you apart or bring you down. Sure, you could be with someone that works hard but that just isn’t always enough, if these signs are present, you should cut ties and stop wasting your own time.

11 Signs You’re Not With The Right Person:

1. You’re always questioning this person.

This person is always causing you to wonder what his or her intentions are. You just don’t know how to pin them down and are never able to figure them out. It is as if they just don’t let you in for some reason. This is because they like to keep a distance between the two of you.

2. You never know what to expect from this person.

This person is always keeping you on edge. You don’t know when he or she is going to show up or what kind of mood they will be in. They do not care about how you react to the way they are in general and completely disregard you. You don’t know who you’re waking up next to each day, they can literally shift overnight.

3. You do not feel secure in the ways you want to.

This person does not make you feel secure. You feel like the relationship is lacking in several areas and you are not satisfied. You know there is a lot that needs to change but don’t know where to begin.

4. This person is always bringing up the past.

This person does is always using your past against you. He or she brings it up when they know it will hurt them most and won’t let it go. Every weakness you have is a tool they can and will manipulate you with.

5. This person makes you feel stuck.

This person doesn’t make you feel happy to be with him or her. You just feel stuck and unable to really figure out what to do. You are not sure where you need to go here and he or she refuses to talk about the future so figuring things out is complicated at best.

6. You are not able to really talk to/open up to this person.

This person doesn’t allow you to get close enough to really open up. He or she ignores a lot of the things you say and makes you feel so closed off. You feel like even when you try to open up he or she doesn’t pay attention to the things coming out of your mouth.

7. You feel like this person brings out the worst in you.

This person doesn’t bring out the best in you like he or she should. Instead, they bring out the worst in you and leave you wondering why you’re feeling so crazy. While this might not be all the time it is enough of the time to make a difference.

8. This person rushed the relationship big time.

This person wanted to get into a relationship much quicker than you did. He or she didn’t give you time to stop and think. Everything happened so fast.

9. This person does not take you into consideration, ever.

This person doesn’t stop to think about how the things he or she does will affect you. He or she just does whatever he or she wants and leaves you to figure things out yourself. You always end up falling through the cracks.

10. You can’t be yourself around this person.

This person isn’t the kind of person you can really let in because he or she doesn’t want to get to know you. Every time you show your true self you are cut off. You end up withdrawing no matter how hard you try to come out of your shell.

11. There is no sense of mutual respect between the two of you.

This person does not respect you or your privacy. He or she is always crossing your boundaries and pushing things too far. You are not on the same page at all.

When these things are happening we need to realize that we are facing something toxic and even if it hurts we need to break it off. While it might not be the easiest thing to do it will be the most beneficial in the long run. While he or she might say you’re giving up the truth is you’re choosing to take your own life and happiness into your own hands which is something you’ve been needing to do for quite some time now.

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