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We are all connected, and we all have the capability to achieve a higher consciousness. Sure, not all of us have achieved it, but some of us have.

We are all on different marks of our spiritual journey so if you haven’t just yet managed to get where you are going do not worry. You will get there in time. Making even the first step to ascension is a huge milestone in itself.

Below you will find a list of signs that you have achieved what you set out to. That being said, when it comes to being highly evolved there is always room for improvement. As human beings, we are forever learning. Just because your consciousness is higher doesn’t mean you have learned all you needed to learn. There is no end to the lessons’ life has to offer.

11 Signs You Are A Being With A Highly Evolved Consciousness:

1. You believe we need to cooperate with one another.

In order to protect the common good, you have come to terms with working together with others. Even if it is someone you dislike you can manage. We should be sharing the responsibility of taking on this world together.

2. You understand the phrase ‘we are all one.’

Oneness is no longer a distant concept to you. You feel the connection and understand it. You are aware now that the source is where we all come from.

3. You are rational and do not allow your ego to get in the way of anything.

You are able to rise above whatever you need to in order to solve an issue. You act in the way you should regardless of your emotions. For instance, if you hate someone you still do what you can to help them when they are down.

4. You always tell the truth.

Lying is not an option anymore. You don’t like to lie and will not allow those around you to lie either. You can feel the energy a lie puts into the world and it is not okay.

5. You know the real value of life.

You truly honor all life, and do everything you can to respect it. Killing other incarnate beings, no matter the circumstance is against your strong moral code. You help those who cannot help themselves, and really make a place for yourself. This is part of your purpose.

6. You take care of the environment.

You know how important this planet is and you do your best to take care of it. You are gradually doing anything you can to make this world a better place. This world is the only one we have and you know it needs to be taken care of.

7. You do not believe in ‘ownership.’

You share all that you can. You believe that everything in this world belongs to everyone, and we should all be helping one another. If you have food and see a homeless person, you will most definitely share with him.

8. You do not fear lacking anything.

You know that the source will ensure you have all you need. Because of your awareness of the connection between you, everything will be fine. You will never lack anything that you truly need.

9. You believe strongly in healing.

When something bad happens you don’t see it as a need for punishment but a need for healing. Healing saves far more than punishment. You are well aware of how ignorant the world can be regarding this.

10. You work to guide others.

When someone comes to you for advice you give it. You do not shrug people off, and force them on their way. You are more than just you, you are a teacher for those who need one.

11. Competition is not a thing to you.

You pay no mind to that sort of thing. You only do what you feel needs to be done. If someone gets it done before you do, so be it.