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Whether you believe in angels or not, you might have one looking over you. The signs are always present, even if you’re not looking for them.

If you have ever felt like someone might have been watching over you, then there probably was. In this life, we all have our own angels, and they can be guardians sent here to ensure we go down the path we should or deceased loved ones keeping an eye on us. The presence you notice will be one of loving and caring nature, it will be much different than anything else.

For those who might not know, guardian angels are sent to watch over us throughout our lives. They are assigned to us before we are born and are able to point out danger in their own ways. They do not force us, but do push us in more ways than most realize.

Below, I am going to go over some of the signs that you might be being watched over in ways you don’t understand. These are signs that someone not of this world is working to guide you and be there for you. Call it whatever you want, regardless, it is amazing.

17 Signs That You May Have An Angel Watching Over You:

1. You feel a shift in temperature.

When someone is near us that is not of this world, there will be a shift in temperature. A lot of the time these angels do not exist on a physical level in our world, so their vibrations and frequencies make small changes when they’re around. Things might get a bit warmed or a bit colder, it just depends.

2. You smell a specific scent out of nowhere.

When your guardian angel is near, he or she might send a specific scent to you. For instance, if your angel happens to be someone from your past who has died, they might send you a scent that will make you think of them. This kind of thing happens much more often than you think, and you can have more than one angel watching over you.

3. They come to you in your dreams.

If you have very vivid dreams in which you see an angel or are literally given a message, don’t take it lightly. Our dreams are a time in which those who are not of this world can contact us on a deeper level, as the veil is thin. You might be overlooking something very important in ignoring your dreams.

4. Your pets or children are seeing something you cannot.

Children and animals are able to see and hear things we as adults cannot. If your pets seem to be noticing something you cannot, they could be seeing your angel or something of the sort. That being said, you should pay attention to how they react to this kind of thing, if they are reacting negatively you might not be dealing with such a positive spirit.

5. You come across angel numbers.

Angel numbers are numbers our angels send our way so that we can be reminded of their presence. There are tons of different angel numbers and each one holds its own meaning. To learn about the different angel numbers, click here.

6. You feel their presence.

When your guardian angel is around, you will feel it. Their presence is something that you will resonate with and while you might not understand it, you will feel it.

7. You find white feathers.

Finding white feathers out of nowhere is a reminder from your angel that he or she is still there. These are sent for us to find, and when we find them, they bring different emotions forth. White feathers hold much more meaning than you might think.

8. Abundance is present in your life.

When we have all that we need even when we’re going through rough times, our angel is the one behind it. Your angel will always make sure things are going positively in your life, even if you cannot see it. Abundance comes in many forms and should not be overlooked.

9. Your senses are enhanced.

Sometimes our angels will enhance our senses when we need them to be enhanced. For instance, you might not smell things often only to find that on a specific day you smell more things than normal. That day also happens to be the day you notice the scent of smoke and save yourself from burning down the house.

10. You notice rainbows often.

Rainbows are also reminders that your angels are near. If you notice them whether it has rained or not, you are being protected. Use this moment as a time to say thanks to your angels for all that they do.

11. Something you want or need finds its way to you.

Your angel or angels will make things come into your life when you need them the most. If you are out of food and happen to find a pack of ramen in the back of your pantry, your angels might have something to do with that. Even the smallest things could be influenced in big ways by angels.