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If you’ve noticed your child has become quite bratty, then chances are it could have something to do with entitlement issues. Sure, not all of this is the result of such, but it is something we as parents need to be aware of. 

We as mothers and fathers want to give our kids the world, but we need to know our limits and do our best to push them to be good people as they grow into adults. Sometimes handing everything to them has the opposite effect, and that’s just the truth. Parenting isn’t always easy and no one gets a guide book that fixes everything. 

Below I am going to go over some of the more prominent signs that your kid(s) might be facing some kind of entitlement issue and from there you as a parent can work on things as you see fit. Correcting these things early on can be important as your offspring develop. 

11 Signs Your Child Struggles With Entitlement Issues 

1. They refuse to own up to their wrongdoings.

These kinds of kids never want to own up to their mistakes. They pass blame on others and refuse to admit when they’ve done something wrong. This if not corrected will persist as they grow.

2. They never want to do anything without a reward.

Entitled children never want to do anything unless it benefits them. If you offer to get them something they want, sure they will do the dishes but not in any other case. They should be willing to help out whether they’re gaining or not.

3. They expect you to clean up their messes.

When they make a mess, they want you to go back behind them and pick it up. It’s always you’re the one going around making sure things are as they should be when they should be picking up after themselves. They’re not tiny toddlers anymore, and they need to know how to tidy up without your help, within reason.

4. They rarely ever offer you their help, if at all.

Entitled children do not often help with bringing in the groceries or other things of the sort. They see these things as your job and not theirs. They do not offer to lift a finger most of the time, not even if they see you struggling unless you happen to actually say something about it.

5. They mostly just think of themselves.

Entitled kids think of themselves and no one else. They don’t care that you’re going to be doing without if you buy them something, or that you’re suffering for waiting on them hand and foot. This is a big problem you should not allow happen in your life. You matter just as much as they do, and their little fits should not force you to give in all the time.

6. They act as though most rules do not apply to them.

All rules apply to them, but you find them often trying to bend them or ignore them completely. They think because they don’t want to listen that they do not have to. While it might be hard, putting your foot down is necessary.

7. They expect you to get them everything they want.

You should not be handing your kids everything on a silver platter. They should have to work for things. Sure, holidays and special occasions call for gifts but not your average Thursday.

8. Nothing ever feels good enough for them.

For some kids, nothing is ever enough, and that’s a big sign of entitlement. They think that because they exist, you should give them all of their wants, and that’s not true. You are not a maid to wait on them hand and foot.

9. They are not thankful for what they have.

If your child does not appreciate the things he or she has, then why bother giving them more? The more you hand to them, the less they will appreciate their current belongings. They need to be aware that they are blessed in ways not everyone is.

10. They always want their friends or other siblings to do things their way or not at all.

If your child is very ‘my way or the highway’ with the people around him or her, that could be a good indication of entitlement issues right off the bat. As we grow we learn to compromise and your kid might not be picking up in the ways he or she should. You can work on this with them.

11. They pitch fits when they do not get their way.

If your child is always going out of his or her way to turn things that are tiny into big problems, there is something deeper going on. They either expect to get everything they want or something else is an issue that you’re not quite seeing. While the occasional fit is fine, if it’s happening all the time you have something problematic on your hands.