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Sometimes we all stay in relationships for longer than we should. We hold onto someone who is causing us pain because we think that we love them and that they need us, but sometimes one-sided love is not enough.

We need to let go even when it is hard. If a relationship is not pushing us to be better and making us happy we should not be staying in it. We need to be strong enough to find happiness within and sometimes that involves being alone. This can also apply to everyday life and friendships. When things go sour there is no sense in holding onto a dead connection. Sure, it is hard to pick up on whether or not things can get better but sometimes it is a fact we must face. You have to believe in yourself and want to push towards being the best version of yourself you can be.

Whether you think the future is scary or not letting go of the past is a very liberating feeling. If you are experiencing the following things you need to move on. Nothing is ever forever when it is time to move on we should do so.

11 Signs It Is Time to Move On:

1. Your relationship or friendship is not what it once was.

The connections in your life are just going downhill. Something is off and you might not be able to pinpoint what exactly. You feel as if things are worse than they have ever been.

2. Who you are is changing.

You are growing as a person into someone different. While this is a good thing you are also outgrowing connections with those around you. Sometimes we just outgrow the people around us. There is nothing wrong with becoming a better version of yourself.

3. You are experiencing physical fatigue.

Things are really weighing you down. Your emotional stature and where you are in life is taking a toll on you physically. Fatigue of the mind and soul can affect you in many ways.

4. You are no longer able to laugh.

You aren’t able to really have fun anymore. Things in life are pulling you down in a big way. When your sense of humor leaves you there are tons of issues that can and will arise.

5. You are no longer passionate.

Your passion is gone, and nothing brings you joy anymore. Everything feels so wrong and you just want things to change.

6. You feel out of place.

You know in your heart that you are not where you belong. You long for something more. Wanderlust is a very real thing and if nothing else you have a serious case of it.

7. You have become a chronic complainer.

You cannot help but complain about everything. This is quite frustrating to those around you. You have got to break the mold and learn to change the things you do not like rather than just dealing with them.

8. You are walking on eggshells.

You are afraid of letting other people down. You try so hard to fit in and make the most of the time you have but you are going about it the wrong way. You do everything you can to keep from upsetting friends and family.

9. Your self-esteem keeps getting lower.

You are constantly putting yourself down and letting other people put you down. You are losing faith in yourself and you really need to figure out who you are. Life is really getting you down and you need a solution.

10. People keep pushing you to be something you are not.

People have an idea in their minds of who they want you to be and they keep trying to force you into it. The only downside is that you are not the person they keep trying to make you into. As long as you are true to yourself those people will eventually learn to get over it.

11. Your situation keeps staying the same.

No matter what happens in life you feel stuck. Nothing is changing like you want it to and everything is bringing you down. You have got to do something about this.

When you get to the point where the things listed above are happening you need to sit back and really figure out what it is you want to do in life and where you want to go. You have to figure out who should be allowed to continue to be a part of your life and who should not. Not everyone is meant to be in our lives forever, cutting ties is necessary sometimes. If you need to move on from a relationship please check out the video below.