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One of the hardest things you can go through is being estranged from someone you truly care about. And while you may be tempted to reach out and make contact, that isn’t always the best route, especially if you are unsure of where they stand.

With that being said, there are ways to tell when someone who is estranged from you misses you. However, it’s important to use this information wisely. If you are estranged from someone for an important reason, remember what tore you apart from each other in the first place. If there are other, special circumstances, trust in yourself and check out the following signs.

1. They dr-unk dial you.

When someone wants to reach out but is inhibited, they likely may avoid calling. However, when alc0hol is introduced, inhibitions go out the window. So, if you are getting calls from them, it’s likely because they want to call other times, but hold back.

2. They follow you on social media.

Even after parting ways, this person has added you to social media and continues to follow you. From time to time, they may like photos you post or statuses you post.

3. People tell you they have checked up on you.

Your friends and family that are mutually involved with both of you say they ask about you and check up on you sometimes. If someone misses you, they are going to check up. If they don’t – they likely wouldn’t even breathe your name.

4. They “accidentally” bump into you.

You may find that this person tends to be in many of the same places as you, without much reason. If you’ve added your location to social media or told friends about you going somewhere, and then suddenly this person is there, they miss you.

5. They intentionally make you jealous.

On social media, they may post things that are meant to get your attention. If they add things that only you would understand, or post about inside jokes or the good times with you, then they most definitely are trying to get your attention.

6. They talk about you to others.

If you are estranged from someone, yet they continue to talk about you to others, they haven’t let go of you yet. When someone truly decides to walk away and doesn’t miss the other person, they let go then. However, if your friends tell you this person asks about you, reminisces about you, and casually brings you up on the regular, they miss you.

7. They haven’t replaced you.

If this person was an ex or an ex-best friend, and you have noticed your place still hasn’t been filled, that is likely because they truly miss you. It’s much harder to replace someone that you truly care for and miss.

8. They reminisce about the old days.

Whether they bring it up to mutual friends or post about it on social media, it’s obvious they miss the old days. We don’t bring up past times with people that we don’t miss or hold space for within- so if they are still holding space, they miss you!

9. Their friends and relatives are still nice to you.

When you see an old mutual friend or one of their family members out and about, if they still welcome you with open arms, this is a good sign. Oftentimes, this is an indicator that they have told their loved ones they miss you.

10. They keep tabs on you.

Some attempts and signs are much more obvious than others. If this person reaches out and asks random questions or pretends like they are trying to get information through you about weird and random stuff- they aren’t calling you for no reason. Instead, they are keeping tabs on you, which means they miss you.

11. They are hoarding your stuff.

Oftentimes, when two people are estranged and one of the two people has the belongings of the others, they may hold on to it. When you ask, they may make excuses about why they can’t get it back to you at that moment- but what they are doing is holding onto it, so they have an excuse to talk to you or see you later.