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Sure, we all want to find someone to love and be happy with but not all of us are aware of the right ways to go about that. We are only human, and we all make mistakes but some of these could easily be avoided.

Below I am going to go over some of the more common mistakes that we for a lot of different reasons end up making in our relationships. Some of these mistakes are small and others are monumental. They can change everything and some of them are not as fixable as we would want them to be.

If you’re making these mistakes in your relationships then some changes need to be made. If you continue on as if nothing is wrong and all of these things are fine the end will find you before you’re ready for it. Good things don’t just smack us in the face, we have to put in a lot of work for them.

The 11 Most Common Mistakes We Make In Relationships:

1. Ignoring your partner when he or she does something you don’t like or won’t give in.

While sometimes we do need to stop and think about things before talking about them, you shouldn’t be giving your lover the silent treatment. This is a serious manipulation tactic that you shouldn’t be partaking in or allowing to occur at all. This is just a means of getting your way and nothing more.

2. Not being willing to respect your partner’s boundaries.

If you are not willing to respect your partner’s boundaries, you do not deserve him/her. We all have our limits and should not be pushed past those, period. No one should have the ability to force someone over the edge like this.

3. Constantly accusing your partner of things without any ‘proof.’

While you might feel insecure and be a bit scared about the idea of your partner cheating or something else of the sort, if you have no proof and you’re only making accusation after accusation, sooner or later it’s going to become an issue. Don’t allow your insecurities to ruin the positive connection you have before you. When you have proof of something feel free to make demands and break out the serious side but when you’re just stressed and concerned over nothing, know when to step back.

4. Complaining to people outside of the relationship about your partner.

We should never go to other people about problems within our relationships (unless situations are extreme). The problems and things you’re facing with your partner should be discussed with your partner. Sure, on occasion you might need advice from someone else but make sure you gain that through a positive means and not through bad mouthing your partner.

5. Giving up on your partner far too quickly when things get hard.

When times get hard you’re supposed to stand by one another not jump ship. If you’re quick to throw your lover under the bus or just don’t believe in him/her as you should, don’t be with him/her. The more of this person’s time you waste the harder things will be on them once all is said and done.

6. Refusing to take and give actual personal space.

While it might seem like fun spending all of your time with your partner, at some point he or she is going to want some space or to do something by his or herself. This is not a slap in the face for you, just a sign that you should be doing your own thing from time to time as well. You can have fun with and without one another, live your own lives.

7. Taking your partner for granted.

Your partner is there for you in all possible ways and helps you grow tremendously. If you are not appreciating him or her properly you should give it some thought. If they are the one person you can always count on perhaps reminding them of how important they are would serve some good.

8. Being too passive-aggressive towards your partner.

While we might not think much of it, being passive-aggressive can really get under our partner’s skin. They end up feeling like they’re being attacked and unsure of why. As time passes this problem will become worse and worse if you just sit down and address the issues everything will work out more properly.

9. Overanalyzing things and trying to predict your partner’s feelings.

You are only going to hurt your own feelings if you continue to think about the things that may or may not be going on in your partner’s head. Overthinking things is going to make you stressed for no reason and leave problems swelling up in your relationship. Just learn to let things go and if it’s really that serious talk it out.

10. Not reinforcing your boundaries.

We should all have our own boundaries set. If you are refusing to keep yours reinforced, you need to work on them. Your partner should never be pushing you to do or say things you do not want to do.

11. Tolerating bad behavior and trying too hard to impress your partner.

Your partner is your teammate, not your boss. You should both be building one another up and existing on the same level. You shouldn’t be wasting your time trying to impress him/her or allowing them to do things you’re not comfortable with just to keep them by your side.