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When it comes to this life and who we are overall, each one of us is different but still similar in some ways. There are lots of different categories that many of us will fit into, right?

Well, regarding being the type of person someone is going to want to fall in love with, things aren’t as complex as we might assume. Lots of men like women who are simple, reserved, and even others who are overly enticed by those who speak their minds. There is someone out there for everyone and that’s a truth I would never question.

Below I am going to go over some of the different kinds of women in this world who might assume that they’re not as easy to fall for as others. While they are quite wrong about that and very attractive for a number of reasons, they don’t quite see it in the ways that they should. You could fall into one of these ‘types’ or under a few of them all at the same time depending on what kind of person you are overall. 

Love isn’t as complicated as we make it out to be and sometimes the most unnoticeable things about ourselves are the most noticeable to the people in our lives. Which kind of woman are you?

11 Kinds Of Women That Are Easy To Fall For:

1. Women who know their worth.

It’s easy to fall for a woman who knows her worth because she knows what she wants in life and in love and what she doesn’t. She makes you feel special when she gives you some of her time and is always the most fun person to be around. The way she carries herself is quite interesting and hard to overcome.

2. Women who come with a quirky personality.

It’s easy to fall for quirky women because their personalities stand out. They might not be as elegant as others, but they are fun and free in their own ways. They move through this world in their own ways and are not afraid to be themselves.

3. Women who are outspoken.

It’s easy to fall for a woman who is outspoken because she is quite clear about her intentions and the things she wants. She doesn’t keep you guessing or leave you on your toes. She makes herself known and that in many ways is very respectable and irresistible.

4. Women who love adventure.

It’s easy to fall for women who love adventures if you too love adventures. These kinds of women are fun and bring something new to the mix. They are always doing something and making things happen, you can rely on them above all else.

5. Women who demand respect.

It’s easy to fall for women who demand respect because they do not play games. They know what they need in life and how to get it. You can either hop on and ride the waves with them or be left in the sand. There is no waiting around to catch your attention and because they’re so preoccupied in this sense people really fall for them.

6. Women who love themselves.

It’s easy to fall for women who love themselves because they have found the best parts of who they are. They know that they deserve real love and are willing to go out of their ways to find it. They do not settle and are very quick to make the people around them see how they view themselves.

7. Women who are willing to get their hands dirty.

It’s easy to fall for women who are willing to work hard and get things done because they are driven and full of passion. They don’t sit still and wait around for other people to do things for them. If something needs to be done, they do it.

8. Women who have a good sense of humor.

It’s easy to fall for women who have a good sense of humor because laughter is one of the greatest medicines in this world. These kinds of women always find their ways into the hearts of those near them. They open themselves up and let their rawest emotions show in their own ways.

9. Women who feel like home.

It’s easy to fall for women who remind you of home because they are safe and feel so familiar. These women are warm and inviting in every sense of both words. You just cannot get them off of your mind no matter how hard you try.

10. Women who live life unfiltered.

It’s easy to fall for the unfiltered woman because she knows what life is going to give to her and where she’s going to find herself five years from now. She doesn’t hold back and always speaks her mind. You might never know what to expect but you should now that it’s very raw and in that sense also quite easy to face.

11. Women who aren’t the same as everyone else.

It’s easy to fall for women who hold their own and are ‘unique.’ This is because they stand out above the rest and are able to do things others cannot. They are full of creativity and hold a sense of magic that you won’t find in anyone else.