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While it might not seem like it, your mind and the way you think plays into whether or not you’re attractive. You can be the prettiest person in the world but have a horrible personality and be considered ugly by everyone you meet.

Below I am going to go over some of the tiniest changes you can make in your life to build a proper sense of attractiveness. In doing these things you will make yourself feel better and the people around you notice you even more. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and knowing your worth makes all the difference.

11 Things That Will Make You More Attractive:

1. Learn To Listen

The better we are at listening the more people will want to open up to us. When people open up to us they become more and more interested in us. You would be surprised how appealing someone who is able to actually give proper advice can be.

2. Keep Your Chin Up

Stand tall and focus on your posture. The way we carry ourselves makes a serious difference in how other people see us. If you’re slouching with your head looking down, others are not going to notice you much, if at all.

3. Be Happy

Happiness is contagious and if you’re an actually happy person people are going to be drawn to you. The happier you are the better. That being said, you shouldn’t be faking it. Do what you need to do to make sure you’re able to have a life you feel is worth living.

4. Stop Trying So Hard

Don’t try hard to impress the people around you. You are the only person who matters at the end of the day. The harder you try the harder you will fall once all is said and done. Be content in your own skin.

5. Know Your Worth

You are amazing and you are worth so much more than other people can see. You knowing your worth is important. This allows you to build yourself up and work towards that happiness mentioned above. The more you do this the more attractive you will feel.

6. Chase Your Dreams

People who are out working hard and going for their goals are much more attractive than couch potatoes. If you are actively working towards something you are going to be so much more desirable not only to yourself but also to others. Dreams are a great thing to have.

7. Build Self-Confidence

Figure out what works best for you when it comes to building confidence and work at it. Become more comfortable in your own skin and really hold your own. The more confident you are the more that will radiate off of you and into the world around you. Others will see that confidence and it will be irresistible.

8. Respect Yourself

Respecting yourself is something you should never compromise on. Know your limits and never let anyone walk all over you. Holding your own and being firm in your boundaries is extremely appealing. It makes you seem so powerful and the more you stick with it the more powerful you actually become.

9. Find Your Passions

Nothing is more attractive than seeing someone do something they’re passionate about. You doing something you love is a sight that others will enjoy big time. While your passions might seem silly to you, they are magical to those who are unable to partake.

10. Stop Complaining

When we complain all the time we begin holding a negative light around our own lives. Other people can see this and it brings them down as well. The more we do this the less they will want to be around us. If we want to be truly attractive we have to learn how to work through things without becoming Debbie Downers.

11. Focus on Your Needs

Your needs are important. Focusing on yourself makes others aware of how important you feel your own needs are. You are willing to take care of yourself and will not compromise when it comes to what you have to have to survive. This is very appealing to many as they want that determination as well and most are unable to achieve it.