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Crystal healing is nothing new, and it is something many people do across the globe. While some may think the idea of using crystals or stones to heal the body or even the mind is an ‘outlandish’ idea, those who have given it a try know how magical it truly can be.

The following list of crystals might be able to help you through a lot more than you would think. Bringing about relaxation of the mind is something we can all benefit from. If you are someone who struggles with anxiety on a daily basis I suggest picking at least three from this list and keeping them with you at all times.

(Please keep in mind these crystals are not in any specific order go with the ones that call out to you.)

11 Crystals That Truly Work Wonders for Anxiety:

1. Turquoise

This is something that has been used for quite some time. It is thought to protect the wearer from injury and bring about friendship. Many wear it to protect themselves from ‘evil things.’

2. Amethyst



Amethyst enhances the mind. It is said to ignite creativity and passion within and can be quite comforting to have around. It is essentially a talisman for success and focus.

3. Smoky Quartz

This is mostly used for cleansing and grounding. It is said to also provide us with great healing benefits. You can use it to reduce/prevent stress.

4. Black Tourmaline


This one is my favorite crystals on the list. It can soothe panic attacks and is great for meditation. I feel like the best way to describe it is that it somehow manages to control fear.

5. Aquamarine

This crystal radiates an energy of compassion. It teaches us that we must do more and be more but also calms our soul. It is something that brings about a sense of peace.

6. Malachite



This crystal promotes healing and emotional risk-taking. It brings us to things and pushes us through them as it sees fit. It allows us to be ourselves even when we feel like we cannot.

7. Cerussite

This crystal is something you should choose to carry if you desire change in your everyday life. It will help you learn to not feel so weighed down by your problems and allow you to work through things you need to work through. It brings you closer to who you want to be.

8. Rose Quartz



This one inspires us to nurture our soul. It heals any wounds our hearts may have and allows us to relax. This is the best crystal in regards to self-love.

9. Howlite

This one helps us to overcome anger and fear. It is a stone of awareness and calming. It will get rid of stress and anxiety.

10. Jade


Jade calms the mind and brings about peace. It wards off negative energies and is able to provide comfort for those who need it. Jade is what brings about the calm in the middle of a storm.

11. Tigers Eye

This is a stone that brings about balance. It is often able to reduce or eliminate tension within the home or work environment and is constantly promoting harmony. You cannot go wrong with this one.