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Strong women are a breed all on their own. They thrive in a different dimension of being, and because of that, they are often misperceived as something they are not.

Because strong women stand up for themselves and stand strong all on their own- they can be intimidating. However, that is not the intention of a strong woman. Her intentions are to survive and thrive all in her own element. And while a strong woman loves with all her heart-there are certain things she simply will not entertain.

Sometimes, worry is necessary, a strong woman realizes that. But, she also knows that her energy is best preserved and used for what’s necessary. So, the unnecessary stuff simply doesn’t matter to her. Here are 10 things a strong woman doesn’t give a sh*t about.

1. What do people think of her.

A strong woman is not worried about what others think of her. She is confident enough in herself to turn the other way when someone has the audacity to try to define or label her.

2. Having a perfect body.

A strong woman knows that her beauty comes from within. She doesn’t have to have the perfect body to feel good about herself, and she couldn’t care less about being perfect, which leads us to the next item. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” by Sheryl Sandberg explores the challenges and opportunities facing women in leadership. Sandberg’s insights encourage women to embrace their strength, seek challenges, and pursue their goals with determination.

3. Being perfect.

A strong woman knows that perfect doesn’t exist. She strives to do her best each day and puts in her all with everything that she does. She knows worrying about being perfect is pointless, and embraces her flaws and pitfalls.

4. Making everyone happy.

Strong women do not try to make everyone else happy. If she can do something that is helpful or kind, she will. But she will not sacrifice her own well-being trying to make everyone happy, because she understands that isn’t possible.

5. Following trends.

A strong woman has her own sense of style, and in her mind, trends are useless. She doesn’t care to keep up with the latest fashions or trendy new things-she enjoys what she enjoys, and if that includes something that is trendy, it isn’t due to trying.

6. Staying in a toxic situation.

Staying in a toxic situation will never lead anywhere good, and a strong woman knows that. While she may hold space for someone she loves, she won’t let them destroy her.

7. Being polite.

She may be kind, and she may have a heart of gold, but when it comes down to formalities, she doesn’t give a damn. She is authentic, and while she has the best intentions, she has no intention of conforming to social normalities for the benefit of being perceived a certain way. The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brené Brown encourages readers to embrace their vulnerabilities and imperfections as sources of strength. Brown’s work is a reminder that true courage and beauty lie in being authentically oneself, flaws and all.

8. Fitting in.

Fitting in is simply not something a strong woman cares about. It isn’t that she isn’t social or that she doesn’t want to be liked, it’s that she isn’t going to change who she is to try to achieve that goal.

9. Social media fame.

Getting likes and social media accolades is just not something a strong woman cares for. She has much better things to do than carefully create perfect Instagram pictures for followers. It isn’t that she doesn’t use social media- it’s that she posts what she wants to, and doesn’t worry about who likes her posts and who doesn’t. Who has time for that? “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle serves as a powerful memoir and a call to liberation from societal expectations. Doyle’s personal journey of self-discovery and breaking free from societal confines encourages readers to pursue a life of authenticity. Her message resonates with strong women everywhere, advocating for a life lived according to one’s own terms.

10. Gossip.

A strong woman will not tolerate gossip. She doesn’t like talking about others, and when someone comes to her with gossip, she immediately shuts them down.