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Negative energy can make its way into the lives of anyone. It can be especially overwhelming if you are allowing overly negative people to hold a place in your life.

If you are being affected by negative energy then chances are you don’t feel too great in general. Many people are unaware that negative energy is running rampant in their lives and it makes them miserable. If you take the time to really look for the signs then you can avoid falling victim to negative energy. Just because things seem to be coming from nowhere doesn’t mean they truly are.

10 Signs You Are Being Affected By Negative Energy:

1. You feel drained all the time.

All of this negative energy is really taking a lot out of you. You feel drained all the time and nothing seems to go right. Negative energy leaves you exhausted.

2. You are no longer excited by things you used to enjoy.

You just don’t find joy in the things you used to. It is like all of the positivity has been drained out of you. You just can’t seem to find anything that makes you happy now.

3. You have trouble sleeping.

You spend more time stressing and worrying than sleeping. It seems that the more you allow these negative energies to control you harder it will be for you to sleep. I for one always have trouble sleeping when negativity is overwhelming me.

4. You are always worried.

You can’t seem to stop worrying. It is as if everything could go in the worst possible way and you are struggling to keep your mind off of it. Have you noticed that you have been worrying more often?

5. You let others tell you what to do.

Letting others tell you what to do really has negative effects on you as a person. You need to live your life how you want. If you let others control you then you will never truly be happy.

6. You take criticism far too hard.

Sometimes when people are criticizing you they are not doing it to be rude. You need to be able to take criticism less seriously and treat it as it is. You always have room to grow.

7. You stop moving out of your comfort zone.

You are not stepping out of the box like you have before. You are more focused on the bad side of things and are giving into the fear of being judged. This is not a good thing.

8. You compare yourself to others more often.

You spend a lot of time paying attention to your bad qualities and envying others. This needs to stop. You are perfect how you are.

9. You are stressed and cannot figure out why everything is hitting you so hard.

You spend so much time stressing out that the positive side of things is drifting further away each day. You are letting life move by at too fast of a pace. Quit letting everything bother you if you need a break take one.

10. You are currently highly emotional.

You are overwhelmed with emotions and seem to be letting them get the best of you. This is normal from time to time but should be dealt with as soon as possible. You need to be aware of these emotions without letting them control you.

When you are dealing with negative energy the first step you need to take is to relax. Give yourself time to think everything over and figure out where you need to go from here. Become emotionally intelligent and understand that you are fine as you are. If anyone in your life is being too negative cut them out. Look for the positive things in life and the next time you find yourself thinking about the negative side of things remind yourself of the good things.