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I’ve always found it funny that schools teach kids the same four subjects from the time they are 5 years old until they are 18. With a curriculum focused mainly on standardized testing, what happens when they finally leave the nest; will knowing the year Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue help them change their tire?

Likely not. That’s where you, as the parent, come in. There are many life skills that all kids should know before they leave your nest and move forward into life as an independent person. No child should be robbed of the ability to not only function but thrive in the real world.

If you want your child to flourish in life, here are 10 life skills they need to know before leaving home.

1. Understanding money.

Education is the best way to ensure your children understand how money works. Sit with them and explain the logistics of earning money, budgeting it, and saving it. Teach them about debt and credit, and about investing and saving up for their goals and their future.

2. How to write a check.

As outdated as I may sound by saying this, teach your kids how to write and sign a check. No matter how far advanced we become as a people, understanding how to write a check is important. And while you are at it, please teach them how to sign a check that is written to them as well.

3. How to cook.

No matter whether your child is a girl or a boy, they should understand how to cook. They will always need to eat, and eating out or eating convenience food will not always be an option for them. Show them how to cook basic and healthy meals.

4. How to clean.

Every single person on planet Earth can benefit from learning how to clean. Show them how to properly clean and organize a home, and encourage them to keep their environments clean and to take care of their belongings.

5. The importance of a consistent routine.

A consistent routine is everything in life, and this is easy to teach by having a routine of your own. Keep things consistent in your daily routines and incorporate healthy habits for your children to model.

6. How to make a resume.

Making a useful resume is a very important skill. At least once in their lives, your child will have to apply for a job, and they need to understand how to construct a resume for any given job.

7. How to impress in an interview.

Much like having a resume, learning how to impress a potential employer in an interview is a very useful life skill. Teach them to dress for the part, how to explain their skills, questions that may come up, and how to maintain their composure.

8. Basic car care.

One day, if they don’t already, your child will have a car. They will need to know that the oil has to be checked and changed, how to see if the car is running hot, what squeaky brakes mean, and more. Teach them this, so they can avoid blowing up their first vehicle or wrecking it due to bare tires.

9. How to handle typical emergencies.

Sit down and make a list of the most typical emergencies: a major cut, a venomous bite, their car breaking down, or a bad storm. Then, make it a priority to go over how to handle each of these situations with your child.

10. Basic home repairs.

I am not saying you have to teach your child how to completely remodel a home, but simple things like unclogging a drain, nailing a board back into place, replacing air conditioner filters, etc., are good to know about.