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Mildren Bowers or ‘Millie’ as her friends and family call her has lived for quite some time and has lots of fun stories to tell. That being said, many want to know what it is that keeps her going.

According to the Independent, Millie who has survived the Great Depression outlived two husbands and became a centenarian drinks a tall pint of cold beer every single day at 4 pm. While you might imagine at her age she would be trying to stay away from alcohol, she is not. That one pint each day is something that she says really keeps her going.

She told the nurses at a facility where she lives that she loves to drink and from there got the okay from her doctor to do-so. Ever since she has been drinking without fail as noted above every single day. She told a local news outlet that if other seniors like drinking they should also partake in moderation and stated something along the lines of “Look, there are people who don’t like coffee and people who don’t like tea. I want everyone to drink what they like.”

Millie is not the only person to live to such an age and tout the benefits of having a little drink here and there. Andy Medema who passed after turned 101 would have a vodka martini every day. Mildred in current times is still going strong. While other factors go into keeping her well she says beer and her good genes keep her in good health.

When she was in her 70s Mildred would enjoy three Miller High Lifes each day as well as a shot of Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch according to ABC World News so her current one pint per day seems perfect now as she is no longer in her 70s. Please also keep in mind Millie’s doctor approved her drinking and cleared her medically for it if you are elderly and considering please have yours do the same. After all, we only live once, right?

To hear Millie speak while celebrating her 103 birthday just a couple of years back please feel free to check out the video below. We’ve heard all kinds of things when it comes to remaining alive into your 100s. Some suggest remaining single and other things like coffee, tea, or even merely working hard. What do you think the secret to longevity is? Perhaps there is more to this ‘one beer a day’ thing than what meets the eye.

Featured Image Via Harve Jacobs Twitter