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Being a new mom is an exciting time. You are getting to know your new baby and the bond you share gets stronger every day.

While a new baby may not be able to say, “I love you mom,” they can most certainly show you that they are feeling the love. Babies speak, you just have to know how to read their language. It’s normal to wonder how your baby feels about you because we all want to know we are doing a good job. Below, I will go over the ways your baby will show you they care.

1. They recognize you.

Babies will begin to recognize their caregivers and prefer them to others pretty quickly. Some studies have even shown that your baby will recognize your scent and can smell you within range.

2. Turning toward you.

Even in utero, your baby can hear sounds and recognize your voice. Some studies have even shown that babies’ heart rates slow when they hear their mothers. This is why when your baby is even an in fact, they will turn their head towards their mother when she speaks.

3. Melting in your arms.

When a baby is crying or trying to show you something, it can be hard to tell just what. However, when your baby is easing into your arms, and you can immediately sense that they are calm, this is a great sign that they are comfortable with you and bonded to you.

4. Interacting with you.

Within a month of being born, your baby will begin to respond to your facial expressions because facial expressions help them to attach to you. This is yet another way that your baby has to affirm their feelings for you and vice versa, so be sure to interact in return.

5. Smiling.

While most tiny babies cannot smile and hold it, research has shown that when your baby smiles at you, they are instinctively building a bond with you. Many may say that it’s gas, but the research seems to indicate otherwise.

6. Staring intently.

Your baby can recognize your voice and smell pretty quickly. Their next developmental stage allows them to link those smells to who they see. So, if you notice your baby is staring intently at you, it’s a sign that they are trying to show you some love.

7. Kisses.

Around the one-year mark, babies will start to give kisses. They may not be a regular kiss, but if you notice your little one giving you little slobbery pecks, it is their way of showing your love.

8. Latching onto stuffies.

If you notice your baby trying to grab onto stuffies and other cushion toys, it’s a great sign. What this means is that they are trying to imitate the warmth they experience with you, with their toy.

9. Lighting up when you enter the room.

By the time your baby is 6 months old, they will be able to differentiate between you and others. While they might be content with others, they will visibly change when you are around. What this means is that they are trying to show you that they prefer you over others.

10. Imitation.

Kids show us that they love us in a variety of ways. When they are younger, they will imitate you. They may do this by positioning themselves like you, smiling back, or into the toddler years they may try to wear your shoes or even carry around your purse.