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When it comes to being an old soul while things are a bit more relaxed overall, there are some issues that come up. Sure, you’re able to live your best life but you’re also going to face a lot of things that other people might not find themselves facing.

Old souls are seriously unique people who stand out big time. Of course, they have friends and are usually quite easy to get along with but they overall can end up facing problems that most people are not quite as familiar with. When you’re an old soul you grow up a lot quicker than most of the people around you and so you outgrow connections quickly.

Below I am going to go over some of the problems that seem to be unique to the old soul experience here in this world. If you’re an old soul, you’ll know just how prevalent these problems are. How many have you faced in your life?

10 Problems Only Old Souls Tend To Face:

1. Everyone always seems to want to get you out of the house and you hate going out.

When you just want to be sitting at home enjoying your own company people come out of the woodworks to try and get you out of the house. They don’t get that you can be happy all on your own. Rather than understanding your motives, they think you’re downplaying your loneliness.

2. You are very stubborn in many ways and it can affect your relationships.

You don’t often budge on things and it can really drive a wedge between you and the people around you. Because you are so set in your ways and often nervous about new things you’re more closed off than people tend to realize. This can be worked through but usually takes a lot of time.

3. You question literally everything.

You are the kind of person who questions everything. When something happens you break it down in every possible way. Instead of being the kind of person who just goes with the flow, you question the flow itself.

4. You understand things most people struggle to grasp.

You are the one who has to find ways of explaining things to other people. When someone doesn’t ‘get’ something they come to you for guidance. You’re seemingly almost always the voice of reason regardless of the situation.

5. Other people just don’t understand your version of ‘fun.’

People just don’t understand the means through which you have your fun. They don’t enjoy the same things and so it comes as a shock to them that sitting at home watching television or just being alone is fun to you. Your hobbies are quite boring in their eyes.

6. You’re very misunderstood on a level that is quite extreme.

People rarely ever understand you. They see you as quite peculiar overall and rarely ever comprehend the things you do or how you live your life. You’re in many ways almost always the odd one out.

7. Your need for space tends to drive people away.

Instead of bringing people closer and spending time with them, you like to keep a distance in many instances. You need your alone time and not everyone is going to be able to handle that. Codependency runs very deep in this life.

8. Hanging out with people your own age is quite frustrating.

The more time you spend with people who are your age the more you feel disconnected with them. They don’t like the same things as you and are on a lower level in more ways than you tend to want to share. You’re more mature and so, being around them makes you feel a bit overwhelmed.

9. You’re not as interested in finding love because it seems impossible.

Because you know how hard it is to find love as an old soul, you don’t go out seeking it like the rest of the people in this world. You keep a distance and do your own thing. While you’d like to find someone to settle down with, you don’t have much faith in the concept as a whole.

10. You never truly feel at home.

Because your soul is so old and has traveled so much you know this planet is not our home. As a result of that, you are always longing for a place you cannot quite put your finger on. This is a problem you will be unable to resolve and it can cause serious turmoil in your life.