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When it comes to what makes up a truly intelligent person, we all have our own opinions. Some people think common sense things are more important and others look to science for answers, but just what does all of this entail?

Well, after looking over Reddit it seems there are actually a lot of things that we can agree on in regards. Below, I am going to go over some things that Reddit users have noted as being signs of true intelligence. Whether you agree with all of them or not chances are some of them will be quite clear in your own mind. 

How many of these do you agree with, and which ones would you take off the list if you could change things up? I, for one, think these are all quite accurate. True intelligence is not as easily defined as we tend to think it is or make it out to be. 

10 Things People Believe Make Up An Intelligent Person:

1. Being persistent and reliable overall.

Some people believe that being persistent and reliable is a sign that someone is intelligent. This is because they are able to regardless of what they are going through, continue to face the odds and get through things. Even when situations are rough, they come out on the other end properly.

2. Not letting the words or thoughts of others control your life.

In a world where we let other people control us and bring us down far too often, I have to agree with this one. Intelligent people do seem to know how to work through this on a more proper level than most. They are in charge of their own lives, period.

3. Not letting emotions get in the way of logic.

While smart people have emotions just like everyone else, it does seem that they are better at regulating them in some cases. Perhaps they can look at things logically rather than from an emotional stance. What do you think?

4. Making fast connections between new and old information.

Intelligent people are usually able to connect things within their minds relatively quickly. They are able to link up things they already know with things they’re just now learning. This is because they can see the bigger picture in much better detail than others.

5. Being able to explain your choices properly and having reason behind your actions.

This is something that a lot of people struggle with, myself included sometimes. I could see how intelligent people would be much better at overcoming this and being able to explain their choices, as they tend to think things through more properly. We all do the things we do for different reasons, but being able to explain those reasons is not always easy.

6. Having proper critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking skills are very important. By working to use facts to form their judgments, they are not being illogical. They are looking at things in the best way possible in most situations. Just because something seems one way doesn’t mean it is actually that way, you’ve got to break things down, right?

7. Knowing your own limits.

We all should work to better understand our own limits, and I agree that intelligent people do usually know their own limits better than most. Because they set proper boundaries and remain true to themselves, they fare better when it comes to this kind of thing. However, this is a skill we are all capable of developing more properly if we’re willing to work at it.

8. Being able to second guess yourself.

When it comes to being truly intelligent, I also agree with this one. You have to be able to second guess yourself. We are only human and sometimes we make mistakes. Being able to go back and make corrections to things is important.

9. Being willing to learn the things you do not know.

Intelligent people are willing to admit that they do not know everything, and they will usually go out of their way to learn new things. These kinds of people are always working to better themselves, wouldn’t you agree? Even though they may be the smartest in the room, they know they can still learn from the people around them.

10. Being open and honest with the people around them even when it’s hard.

Smart people know how important it is to be honest with the people around them. While only one Reddit user mentioned this one, it was well worth putting on the list. Intelligent people work through hard moments by doing what needs to be done. Sure, this is more-so emotional intelligence, but it is still intelligence, nonetheless.