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When it comes to dating or even friendships, in general, the way we go about things can make a huge difference. Sure, no one is perfect but if we are always making mistakes, eventually the other person will get fed up.

While there are obvious things that could poison a relationship, some of the most damning things are the things that go unnoticed. If they fly under the radar long enough, the seams in the relationship itself will begin to fall apart. Below you will find a list of things that most of us tend to do at one point or another that if we don’t pay attention to could ruin everything.

10 Things We tend to Do That Literally Poison Our Relationships:

Criticizing one another

The more you criticize your partner, the more insecure he or she will be. We should never be too critical. This creates stress and causes problems big time.

Dropping “Hints” And Using Passive Aggression

Instead of just saying what you are thinking, you find small and petty ways to anger your partner so you will feel justified in complaining.

Being too controlling

Being too controlling will ruin everything. Sure, this may happen gradually, but if you notice you are doing it stop. We all deserve to be in control of our own lives don’t be the one trying to make all the decisions.

Constantly complaining about everything

The more we complain the darker environment we create. Sure, sometimes we feel like we have to but being overly negative might drive your partner away. Think positively as often as possible.

Saying no instead of compromising

Has your partner ever asked you to do something and you said no right off the bat instead of offering a compromise? This could be driving a wedge between the two of you. Sometimes a compromise makes a world of a difference.

“Loving” Jealousy

Getting angry when your partner talks, touches, calls, texts, hangs out, or coughs within the general vicinity of another person is not healthy. By trying to control your partner, you are making them feel suffocated. It is controlling and manipulative and to have a healthy relationship it needs to STOP!

Contradicting one another

Contradicting one another will do no good. Unless you are correcting something important don’t worry about it. If you have to do so, try to ensure it is being done in private. Don’t call each other out over small things around others.

Ignoring each other’s emotions

Refusing to take the other person’s opinion and feelings into consideration when making big decisions is important. You are both in this together. Everyone needs to be happy not just one or the other.

Letting jealousy turn to insecurities

Being a little jealous is normal, but when you allow that jealousy to turn into relationship insecurity there is a big problem. This will keep you questioning everything and leave both parties unhappy. Trust is crucial in relationships.

Blaming your partner for your emotions

When you are having a bad day and your partner isn’t being supportive or sympathetic for you. They have been distracted when you tried to talk to them. So what do you do? You lash out at them because they are insensitive. Blaming our partners for our emotions is a subtle form of selfishness and a classic example of the poor maintenance of personal boundaries.