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While most people do not realize this, when it comes to your health your eyes can say a lot. If you’re not paying attention to your eyes, perhaps after reading this you will.

Lots of different health conditions can in some ways affect the eyes. This meaning how they look or even how they feel. If you’re noticing changes, perhaps you should get them checked out, you could be experiencing something much deeper than you’d assume.

Below I am going to go over some of the different health things your eyes can reveal and while some of these might be hit or miss, they are worth being aware of. Your health matters and looking for the signs of serious problems can help you pinpoint issues before they become severe in many cases. I for one ‘keep an eye’ on my eyes.

10 Things Your Eyes Could Be Revealing About Your Health:

1. Exhaustion

The more exhausted you are the more your eyes will show it. If your eyes are swollen without an allergic reaction of some kind it may mean you’re in serious need of some proper rest. Don’t ignore this, take care of your body.

2. Retinal Issues

Floaters are something we all see from time to time but if you’re seeing them all the time you could be facing retinal issues. This could mean a tear or even something on the way to actual detachment. You do not want that to happen and need to get this looked as quickly as possible.

3. Coronal Infection

When you notice a white spot on the cornea of your eye, you shouldn’t pretend it’s nothing. This could be serious. It could mean there is some kind of infection present and that can progress drastically if you don’t do something about it. Your eyes are important, take care of them.

4. Blood Flow Issues

If you are experiencing sudden blurry images with your eyes but are not sure why it could have something to do with the flow of blood getting to them or even to your brain. This can be a sign of a lot of different things and shouldn’t be overlooked. I for one tend to get blurry vision when my migraines come forth.

5. Myasthenia Gravis

Our eyelids can droop for several different reasons but one of those reasons is something known as myasthenia gravis. This being an autoimmune disease that causes muscle weakness. It is not something that we should ignore and while it typically would be diagnosed before your eyes drooped drastically, some people do not take it as seriously as they should.

6. High Cholesterol

If you are noticing a white or gray ring around your iris but are not older in age, you should be aware that this could mean there is some kind of health issue lying within. You could be facing high cholesterol issues or something along those lines. It does not hurt to be safe when it comes to this kind of thing and visit your doctor to find out what might be going on.

7. Allergies

If your eyes are red and watery, you are likely suffering from allergies of some kind. If it’s not allergy season perhaps you should look into what it is that’s causing all of this. While it might be deal-with-able, you need to figure out the issue at hand so you can take care of it.

8. Grave’s Disease

If your eyes are bulging and ‘bug-eye’ like you may be suffering from a thyroid issue known as Grave’s disease. This also causes things like weight loss and heart issues. Don’t take this kind of thing lightly.

9. Liver Issues

Yellowing of the eyes signifies that you’re facing some kind of serious liver issue and if you don’t get this checked out quickly it could mean life or death. The whites of your eyes should always be white. If they’re not you should consider a trip to the ER as soon as possible.

10. Skin Cancer

Something known as basal cell carcinomas can sometimes show up on our eyelids. While overall, we tend to overlook them they can get bad quickly. If you notice a sore on your eye or you’re losing eyelashes, you should get this checked out.