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Spiritual awakenings are much different in reality than most people envision in their minds. And while you would probably assume they are pretty obvious to the person who is becoming awakened, that isn’t always the case.

On the contrary, spiritual awakenings can be pretty confusing and even difficult to navigate. The signs of awakening aren’t always what you would expect, and while it is a beautiful experience, knowing the signs can most definitely help. It can be overwhelming and because it is an awakening, it is a different experience than what you are most likely used to. But, once you get the hang of it, you can navigate through the process with ease.

Here are 10 behaviors of people who are becoming spiritually awakened.

1. Your dreams have become vivid.

You have started having vivid dreams that include signs, symbols, and situations that are strange but relevant. In the past, you may not have had memorable dreams, but now, you are constantly dreaming.

2. You have started to notice a lot of signs and synchronicities.

You notice more patterns and signs than before. You may also see repeating numbers like 444, or 777.

3. Your intuition is on fire.

You have been getting really strong gut feelings that turn out to be true. In other cases, you may sense things are going to happen before they do, or know things without any logical reason for knowing them.

4. You see, hear, or feel things that others cannot.

You know you aren’t losing your mind, because you are completely aware of the fact that the things you are seeing and hearing shouldn’t logically be seen or heard. These may be actual spirits, or just random objects or noises. You are even beginning to question your reality.

5. You feel much more open-minded.

You are beginning to open up to ideas, beliefs, and opinions that you once would have been closed off to. For no reason at all, you suddenly feel very open-minded, and you are learning a lot about yourself in the process.

6. You feel so much more self-aware.

You feel extremely self-aware. You’ve begun to understand more about yourself, your behaviors, and your patterns. At times this can be difficult, but it’s extremely important to the process of awakening.

7. You are no longer afraid of death.

While you once were terrified of the idea of death, now you no longer harbor those fears. On the contrary, you accept death as a natural part of the neverending cycle of life and death.

8. You feel isolated but connected at the same time.

At times, you feel completely alone. But, at the same time, you also recognize the connections you have to others and the natural world on an entirely new level.

9. You appreciate nature more.

You have a newfound appreciation for nature and the cycles present in nature. Before, you may not have recognized a lot of things, but now you feel completely in tune.

10. You have a newfound curiosity.

You are more curious and open than ever. Life suddenly feels like a great adventure, and you want to learn and experience as much as possible.