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Dating and relationships can test us and bring us to the point of no return unlike anything else we will encounter or endure in life. And while love is an amazing rollercoaster, filled with ups and downs, there comes a point where enough is enough.

Once we have reached that point, leaving us without any motivation to push forward, there are several ways we let it be known before finally saying goodbye. With that being said, most people will simply pack their things and say goodbye, but in other cases, we may, for whatever reason hold on, even though we have emotionally let go.

If you and your partner have reached the point in which you are still together and still do and say the same things, but something feels different, pay attention to the things they do and say, while watching for these behaviors.

1. They stop going out of their way to do things for you.

Instead of going out of their way to make you happy by finding little romantic things to do for you, your partner will only do the bare minimum when they have stopped caring. And they may not even do that.

2. They spend more time alone.

Instead of wanting to spend more time together they ask for more space. When you make plans, they find excuses to get out of it, and they may even go out of their way to cancel plans.

3. They stop arguing entirely.

If your partner once took the time to nag, and tell you what was bothering them and now have suddenly stopped it’s a bad sign. Fighting and arguing all the time is bad, but when we argue and fight, sometimes it’s normal and means that we want things to improve and that we care about our relationship. When this stops, it’s bad news.

4. They no longer keep promises.

Your partner may promise to call or to make time for you, and then never follow through. If they once were quick to call when they say they would or go out with you when they said they would, and then they stop, it may be that they have stopped caring.

5. They stop wanting to be intimate.

When they used to want to have intimate time with you and they no longer do, this is a bad sign. They may make excuses and try to avoid the act at all cost by making excuses or by telling you they aren’t in the mood.

6. You mention needing help with a situation, and they tell you to handle it.

When you are dealing with troubles and need help, your partner should be there. Even when you don’t ask for help and support if, they tell you to handle it by yourself, then they may be reaching the point of no return. This is especially so when they may have once jumped to make sure that you were comfortable and had less stress in your life.

7. They stop integrating you into their life.

If your partner stops caring, they may begin to create a whole world without you. You may notice new friends that you haven’t been introduced to, situations at work you never hear about, and other things that your partner used to include you in that you are no longer included in.

8. They are never happy with you.

No matter what you do, you are always to blame for something, and they are never happy with your actions. Even when you are trying to make them happy, they will nitpick you until you feel exhausted.

9. They stop communicating.

When someone stops caring, they will no longer talk to you about their day, and their responses will be watered down to two-word sentences. When communication stops, your relationship will begin to dwindle.

10. They stop playing their role.

In a relationship, we establish silent roles or parts based on what we bring to the relationship. When we stop caring we will also stop playing our role.