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Introverts are people who tend to do things differently than other people. They are more reserved and closed off than others and well, tend to be quite misunderstood.

Introverted people are more abundant than most expect but if someone in your life isn’t an introvert chances are they might not understand the things you do as an introvert or why you do them. While these things make sense to you, to some people they can come across as a bit odd. While most people are more or less a little in the middle when it comes to introversion or extroversion, introverts shouldn’t feel like the odd ones out.

Below I am going to go over some of the things introverts do that some people might not understand. These are things that to the introvert seem quite normal but to others can be thought of as a bit odd. Do you do these things or know someone who does?

10 Things Introverts Do That Others Might Not Understand:

1. They don’t like to go out and do things all the time.

Introverts are not the kinds of people who want to stay busy 24/7. They like to go do things but only within reason. For the most part, they would much rather spend their time at home.

2. They like being alone.

Introverts do like company here and there but overall they like being alone. They aren’t lonely just because they’re on their own. They enjoy their own company more than you could ever imagine.

3. They would much rather pay things online than have to deal with salespeople.

Introverts do not like having to talk to strangers. They would rather go online and pay their bills than have to talk to someone at the store. While they cannot always avoid this it can really be frustrating to them more-so than most others would think.

4. They typically cannot stand talking on the phone.

Introverts are usually not the kinds of people who like talking on the phone. While they will answer calls from friends and family they probably don’t answer numbers that they do not know. This is something I’ve noticed with tons of introverts.

5. They laugh at their own jokes.

Introverts know themselves very well and often make themselves laugh more than you’d think. If you’re not laughing at their joke, they probably still are. This shouldn’t be taken in a bad way, it’s actually a great thing when you break it down.

6. They don’t like to be caught off guard.

Introverts don’t mind company but if you’re coming over you should let them know first. They do not like to be caught off guard. They want to know what is going on.

7. Just because they’re not saying much doesn’t mean they’re bored.

Introverts might not say much, but they could still be having a lot of fun. They don’t need to speak constantly to enjoy themselves. Sometimes they would much rather listen to others than talk, honestly.

8. They have few friends but typically get along with most people.

Introverts don’t usually have big circles. They typically have smaller circles and few close friends. This is because they know that they don’t need tons of friends to be happy. That being said, they’re easy to get along with and don’t usually have issues with anyone for the most part.

9. They don’t typically say much.

Introverts are for the most part usually quiet. They don’t talk much overall but that doesn’t mean there are not times when they will talk your ear off. This just depends on how comfortable they are around you.

10. They are always very focused in life.

Introverts unlike some people tend to be very focused. They know what they want in life and what they don’t want. They have things planned out big time.