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We all have an intuitive side on some level. While there are people who are very tuned into this there are others who need to work on it big time. 

Intuition for those who do not know is a sense of knowing that we experience. This for some is seen as a natural instinct or a sixth sense, and for others is a mere means of conscious reasoning on a sub-conscious level. It can be a feeling, a vision, a thought, or anything else of the sort.

Below, I am going to go over some things we know about intuition and how it works in our lives. While not all of these will apply to every single person reading this, most will be quite present in our worlds. Your intuitive side is important, and being aware of what you’re capable of opens a lot of doors.

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Human Intuition:

1. It can help you see through other people.

Your intuition can and might be revealing to you how other people are in their intentions. Seeing through other people might seem hard, but it’s not as complicated as most make it out to be. Your gut can help you to see what other intentions people have, especially when they’re negative intentions.

2. Intuition isn’t always a negative thing or making you aware of a negative situation.

Your intuition is not as much of a negative Nancy as some people might act as it is. It can warn you of positive things as well. When there is an opportunity before you that you should take, it might push you to do so.

3. Meditation helps us tune into our intuitive sides.

A lot of people turn to meditation to get more tuned into their intuitive sides. This allows them to clear their minds and center their thoughts. From here, they are able to tap into something not everyone is aware of.

4. Intuition can be much more than just a gut feeling.

Your intuition can present itself in many different ways. While it can be a feeling, it can also be a vision, a sound, or a voice in your own mind. There is no set version that we all identify with.

5. There are physical aspects in regard to intuition.

Your intuition can make your stomach hurt, your head hurt, and so much more. If you’re in a situation you need to get out of your intuitive side will go to great lengths to make sure you’re getting out of there. This meaning physical symptoms may come forth.

6. The more intense it is, the more tuned in to your body it reveals you are.

The more intense your intuition is, the more clear it is that you’re tuned in to your own body and your intuitive side as a whole. Not everyone has a strong intuition, so if you do, you’re doing something right. While there will be some conflicts here and there, things are not going to be so disconnected when you’re properly tuning in.

7. Your purest intuitions are always right.

While we can have intuitive moments that turn out to be inaccurate, your purest ones are always right. The less thought you have to put into something, the more you should trust it. Sometimes you just know something.

8. If you ignore your intuition, it won’t bother to speak as loudly in the future.

Your intuition is going to speak to you as often as it needs to, but if you are not accepting it as it comes forth and feeding into it, it will become less aggressive and not as loud in the future. While it never completely goes away, it will be mild and hard to spot if you’re not looking for it.

9. Intuition based decisions are seemingly instant.

When we make a decision based on intuition, we make it within the blink of an eye. No second thoughts are needed, and we are quite sure of ourselves. These are the most accurate and positive decisions we can and do make in life.

10. You can help improve your intuition if you’re willing to work hard at it.

Even if you’ve been neglecting your intuitive side, you can work to make it stronger. The more progress you make in this regard, the more apparent your intuitive side will become. You have to be willing to put an effort into making things more capable for a lot of different reasons.