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Authentic people are who they are. They do not try to put on airs for those around them, and they do not care how they are perceived, the only thing they know how to be is themselves.

While turns of phrases such as “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken,” are cute and clever, they make authenticity sound easy. In a world where everything is fake and almost nothing is authentic, authenticity is becoming rarer and rarer. In our society, we are taught that if we are ourselves-no one will accept us, so we must conform to society’s standard of what makes a person ‘normal.’

But, if you aren’t true to yourself-you aren’t going to live your best life. That is why, if you ask me, authentic people know where it’s at. Here are 10 things an authentic person does without realizing it.

1. They always stand by what they believe, even when it’s not popular.

Authentic people will always say how they feel and stand by what they have said. Even when everyone else around them disagrees and even when their opinion isn’t the most popular-they stand by their beliefs.

2. They let go of toxic people.

An authentic person is very compassionate and loving, often jumping through hoops for the people they love. However, if a toxic person continues to cause them harm, they are not afraid to cut the cord. While they may not be quick to remove someone from their life-when someone is cut, they are cut for good.

3. They prefer deep conversation over small talk.

Someone authentic will always choose a deep conversation over meaningless small talk. Honestly, authentic people despite small talk-which is oftentimes why they are quiet when others are participating in it. But the second an opportunity comes up for a real conversation- they are quick to pipe in.

4. They don’t apologize for being who they are.

One thing an authentic person will not do is apologize for who they are. They know who they are, and they are sure of themselves, and because of that-they know there is no need to apologize. If they find they are not a good fit for someone due to major differences, they don’t mind removing themselves from the situation.

5. They listen to their gut.

Authentic people always tune into their intuition. They allow it to guide them just like any map or advice from someone else, but maybe even more so. They know that their instincts rarely steer them wrong, and they trust them to guide them through their biggest obstacles.

6. They encourage others to embrace who they are.

An authentic person will encourage everyone they love to embrace their authenticity. During those difficult moments, they are quick to pop in and cheer their loved ones own, while simultaneously encouraging them to be themselves.

7. They don’t blindly follow anyone.

A truly authentic person has no problem with authority- but they do not blindly follow anyone. They always have questions, and they aren’t afraid to shake things up and go against the grain if their heart and soul disagree with the status quo.

8. They can make the best of any situation.

No matter how hard things get, an authentic person will always try to find the best way through. They aren’t unrealistically optimistic, by no means- but they know that life is what you make of it.

9. They are not afraid to think outside the box.

Authentic people are revolutionary thinkers. Oftentimes, they see a situation from a new angle that no one else has thought of, and they are never afraid to go against the grain and think outside the box.

10. They are open-minded.

A truly authentic person is open-minded. She is understanding and tries to see things from other people’s perspectives. Even if they disagree entirely-they can still try to understand things from a new point of view.