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We all go through trauma as we move through life. Trauma comes in a lot of different shapes/sizes and is never the exact same for anyone.

For those who might not be familiar with what trauma can sometimes entail or who are unaware of the severity of its impact trauma is anything that distresses or disturbs a person, this can be a physical injury or merely something on an emotional level. Trauma can stem from a disorder, a wound, an upsetting situation or anything else of the sort. What affects one person might not affect another and there is nothing wrong with admitting that you’re being affected by something that perhaps most wouldn’t understand.

Below I am going to go over some things we tend to overlook or not think about regarding trauma. Trauma is as noted above not one size fits all and the more you work to understand it the better things will end up playing out for you. You can overcome all that is placed before you if you work hard enough to do-so.

10 Things About Trauma We Tend To Overlook:

1. Trauma changes the way you clear things up.

Trauma can be so extreme in many cases within that you are unable to clear things up. You might want to move forward but are unable to. The more you obsess the worse off things become and letting go is basically something you’re unable to do. This can go on for a very long time before you find a space where you can finally breakthrough.

2. Everyone experiences trauma on some level.

Not one single person in this world has ‘never’ been through anything traumatic at all. We have all experienced trauma on some level. While there are big traumas and little traumas, all trauma is important to be aware of.

3. Sometimes we don’t realize we are being affected by trauma.

Sometimes we forget the issues at hand, or we lock them away. This doesn’t make their effects go away, just the way we face them. The more we allow this the worse off we become. We find ourselves lost and confused with no clear way to resolve things.

4. The effects of trauma leaves are not going to last forever.

Trauma might be affecting you seriously right not but once you’re able to let go and move on you will be able to overcome those effects. You are stronger than you think and you are capable of so much. Someday you’ll look back and be able to finally take a breath of fresh air.

5. Even small traumatic experiences are worth working through.

While it might not seem like a big deal, if it affected you then you need to address it. There is no sense in forcing yourself to internalize any kind of pain stemming from trauma. Small issues are still issues and that is not anything we should forget.

6. Trauma holds physical symptoms as well as emotional ones.

There are a lot of physical symptoms that stem from trauma. Trauma even after you’ve healed can leave lasting wounds within and this can make you hurt in ways most people couldn’t imagine. Physical pain and trauma often go hand in hand even when the trauma itself was not necessarily an injury or physical act at all.

7. Trauma isn’t easy to isolate and address.

While you might try to isolate the trauma and work through it if you’re not ready it won’t happen. You have to work through the problems within on your own time and with yourself. No one can force you through it.

8. Trauma can change your brain.

Trauma can and does change our brains. When we go through a traumatic experience at a young age it brings us to a place that most do not understand. As time passes overcoming it is possible but that doesn’t mean we will ever be the same.

9. Trauma comes with stress reactions and intrusive thoughts sometimes, you’re not ‘crazy.’

Trauma is not something you should downplay. Your reactions are not out of the way and you are not crazy. Your response is your response and there is no need to apologize for that.

10. Just because something isn’t affecting others doesn’t make your pain invalid.

Your pain is valid regardless of what the people around you think. If you were affected by something stay true to that. You do not have to close yourself off for the sake of others.