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Each time we begin dating someone, we often wonder ‘are they the one?’ And then sadly, we may go through various relationships before we finally believe we have, but ultimately, we may question ourselves. So, how does one define a soulmate relationship?

While it may not be an exact science, there are a number of signs we have met our match. And if you think that having a soulmate means that you will be living in sunshine, with rainbows and unicorns circling you in unison through a meadow- you’d be wrong. A soulmate isn’t someone you are always going to be thrilled with. In fact, these relationships often push us to our breaking point (not in a toxic way) and force us to grow.

They aren’t perfect, as no one is, but they complete us. So what are the signs? I am glad you asked.

1. You just know.

Deep inside, maybe even within moments of meeting them, you just know. Deep down within your gut, you feel that you have known them forever, and as time passes, little synchronicities verify that.

2. They have crossed your path in the past.

In the past, you have been somewhere they were. While you may not have known it, or perhaps you did, they were somewhere in your life. Even if they were your childhood boyfriend/girlfriend, eventually life brings you back together and things just click.

3. You love each other unconditionally.

Instead of holding this person to an impossible standard, you understand they are human, and that they deserve to be accepted, flaws and all. When you can accept the imperfections and quirks someone has, and understand your own through them, they are likely meant to be.

4. You find each other at just the right time.

Whether you finally had learned to love yourself, or perhaps you were going through a rough time- they appeared. They entered your life at exactly the moment you needed them.

5. You can speak to them without words.

Through glaces, smiles, and even just by thought- you know what they are thinking often. It can be as creepy as completing each others sentences, or as simple as just knowing that they are hungry.

6. You have similar life goals.

When you speak of the future, you share the same goals. Whether it’s that you both want children, or don’t, or perhaps you both just want a simple life, sharing goals is a necessity.

7. You can speak freely of your beliefs.

Even if they don’t agree, you know you can say what you want. In fact, you often have deep conversations, and while you don’t agree- you learn from the talks.

8. You don’t get jealous.

You don’t feel the need to search through their phone, or feel as though you should check up on them constantly. You both trust one another and know that you are safe with them, and that you are the only one.

9. You give each other space.

When you need a moment alone, you don’t get mad or angry. In fact, you can both lead totally separate lives, and that’s okay. You respect each other’s need for space.

10. You hold space for each other.

When you need a moment to be your own entity, and perhaps even explore your own self for a moment, they will hold space for you, and the same goes either way. You can both grow as individuals and you know that in the end, you have a place in their heart.