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Becoming awake in this day and age is a lot more complex than you might assume. It is not something just anyone can do and for those who achieve it, it’s not exactly always what they’d expected.

‘Spiritual awakening’ is basically something that happens when we are finally where we need to be in life. We have aligned with the source and managed to make the connection that we’ve been working towards. You as a human being have completely lost your ego and are now able to move forth properly.

This kind of shift in consciousness can be overwhelming and really blow you off your feet. When it comes to becoming awake, there are tons of different signs that can and should be looked for. There are good and bad that come from being awake and understanding that will get you a lot further than you might intend to go.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you’re perhaps more awake now than you’ve ever been. These signs will be some of the more prominent things in your life and you will really resonate with them if you’re becoming awakened at the moment. This process will not complete itself overnight but the more you work at it the more it will progress.

10 Signs You’re More Awake Now Than You Have Ever Been:

1. You see through the masks others wear.

Awakened people are able to see through masks. They can sense a lot of things that most others wouldn’t be capable of. Getting anything over on this person is not a good idea, just take a loss.

2. You experience more empathy and compassion than most others.

You tend to feel these things more and are shared these things quite frequently. Sure, it might seem odd but most people really like doing good for the people in their lives. You expect people to treat you how you treat them which is amazing.

3. You are driven to make the world a better place.

Because you’re awake you’re more willing to do the things for this planet that keep it going. This planet is all we have in regards to living and we have to do what we can to keep it alive. This world deserves a chance just like the one we got.

4. You feel like life is more painful than it should be.

When it comes to life, you want to be happy but are unable to a lot of the time. You know in your heart that life is not supposed to be as it is and it kills you. This kind of thing might not get spoken about a lot, but you know it all too well.

5. You ask a lot of deep questions.

You begin to question everything as you awaken because the bumps and cracks in life become quite prominent. While it might not seem like a lot asking questions is a good thing. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

6. You feel lost and as if you do not belong here.

When you’re becoming awake you begin feeling quite lost and that feeling doesn’t go away. Learning to cope with it is important. The more you feed into this the worst it will get. You were placed here for a reason, keep that in mind.

7. You spend a lot of time wondering where to go next.

Those who are becoming awake spend a lot of time wondering what they should be doing. Just because they’ve found themselves in one way doesn’t mean they’re living their truest form. You have a sense of being lost but no place to go.

8. Your intuition is extremely powerful.

You through your awakening process your intuition will become much more powerful. You will begin noticing strange feelings before bad things happen and so forth.

9. You can sense the emotions of others.

When you’re awakening you will be able to sense things more in-depth. When someone feels down and out, you will notice. You can pick up on a lot and the more you put your mind into it the better you will become.

10. Being alone is finally important to you.

When you’re awakening you will begin to see how important it is to be alone. You will want to spend time meditating and recharging on your own. Being around people who only want to impress one another won’t be important anymore.

(Image VIa: PIxabay)