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Just because you don’t feel like you’re introverted doesn’t mean you might not be. Everyone faces things like this in their own ways and well, not all introverts are made the same.

Introverts are quite misunderstood because no two are exactly alike. Some are still willing to go out but prefer to go out alone while others would much rather spend all of their time at home and don’t mind having friends over on some scale. They are all comfortable with different things on different levels.

Below I am going to go over some signs that you might be an introvert. If all of these are present on some level, you likely are but don’t cross out the possibility that you are an ambivert as that too is quite common. There is nothing wrong with being an introvert, the sooner you accept this kind of thing about who you are, the sooner you can grow to better understand yourself.

10 Signs You’re An Introvert:

1. You are not the biggest fan of meeting new people.

Meeting new people is fine sometimes but overall you like to avoid doing-so. Sure, you don’t mind others and know that most people are decent but that doesn’t mean you want to talk to everyone you come in contact with. You’re a bit more reserved than most.

2. You are very comfortable being on your own.

When it comes to being on your own that’s when you’re most comfortable. You use your alone time to recharge and relax. It’s when you feel most at peace.

3. You tend to feel very out of place in large crowds.

Being in larger crowds takes a lot out of you. You do not like it and it leaves you feeling quite drained. The more you have to be around others the worse you feel overall.

4. You’d much rather be quiet than outspoken and the ‘center of attention.’

You like being quiet and to yourself for the most part. When it comes to speaking out and really bringing attention to yourself, you try to avoid things of that nature. Sure, you do them when you have to but you’d truly rather not.

5. Small talk is not typically something you like having to engage in.

You hate having to partake in small talk. You like being able to have deep meaningful conversations and otherwise would rather just sit in silence. If the things you’re saying hold no meaning, you see no point in saying them.

6. You have a small circle of close friends that you hold quite dear to you.

While you might be an introvert, you do still have friends. You keep a small circle close and have a lot of fun with that circle. Your friends are very important to you.

7. You really like doing nothing sometimes.

Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing you can be doing in a given moment. It allows you to really be yourself and work to calm down as you see fit. Sure, you have to do things daily in life but the moments where you’re able to do nothing are important to you.

8. Trust is not something you give easily.

You do not trust others easily. You have to really get to know someone before you’re willing to offer them your trust. This kind of thing isn’t going to be offered to just anyone.

9. You seem to have an old soul and people always come to you for advice.

You as an introvert most likely have an old soul. You are wise beyond your years and a lot of people in your life come to you for advice. This is because you do not judge and you listen quite well.

10. Public speaking is the bane of your existence.

Sure, you can speak in public but you do not like doing-so. You hate drawing attention to yourself and have to work up the nerve to accomplish things like this. Lots of people say you’re good at it but the process of getting it done for you is nowhere near worth it.