Empaths are people who can absorb the emotions of others as if they were their own. Those who are empaths often struggle with this in a lot of ways because they do not understand their gifts.

If you tend to go out of your way to help others and you feel the pain and struggles others are experiencing on a real level, you too could be an empath, and the sooner you recognize what you are the sooner you can begin to understand what direction to head towards. Sure, being an empath is not easy and it comes with lots of ups and downs but it’s something truly marvelous that will change so many people’s lives. 

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that may indicate you’re an empath. If these signs are present in your life, you’re much more emotionally tuned in to this world than you might realize. Only through accepting this gift can you truly harness your inner power. 

10 Signs You’re An Empath:

1. The energies of a room can influence your mood drastically.

If you are an empath the energies a room has within it can affect you big time. When you enter a room full of toxic people, things flow in a negative way. This for many empaths can be overwhelming.

2. You can spot liars from miles away.

Empaths are very good at spotting liars. They can read people and their intentions. While you might not know why you tend to have such negative feelings about some people, this feeds into it big time.

3. Relationships can be quite overwhelming for you.

As an empath being close and intimate with someone can overwhelm you. This is because you are giving so much to so many people that you don’t have much left to share with your partner. Overdoing it as an empath can ruin the best relationships.

4. You’re always going out of your way to help others.

Empaths always go the extra mile for the people around them. You are someone who loves to help others and would give someone the shirt off of your back if they needed it. This is just who you are and how you live.

5. You resonate with the things other people are feeling easily.

Most empaths are able to really pick up on the things others are feeling quickly. You as an empath are able to read through fake smiles and things of that sort. When someone is upset, you can tell.

6. Your intuition is rarely ever wrong.

You are a highly intuitive person. Your intuition is almost never wrong and it is quite loud within your being. You struggle to ignore it.

7. You feel like you do not fit in anywhere.

Empaths don’t really fit in with any specific group. They get along with most everyone but they overall just feel out of place. This is because they are always absorbing and unable to figure out where they should be.

8. You can’t just force yourself not to care.

As an empath you cannot just force yourself to stop caring. There is no switch you can flick off and turn cold. You’re always going to care and there isn’t much you can do about it.

9. People tend to come to you for advice more often than not. 

Because you’re great at giving advice lots of people come to you for it. Sometimes people you don’t even know open up to you. This is because as an empath your energy is warm and inviting.

10. You need time alone to recharge, preferably in nature.

Empaths need to recharge after spending time with others. They allow so many people to drain their energies that they are often left with not much for themselves. Being in nature allows them to really get things flowing once again.

Now that you know the signs you can figure out if you’re an empath or not. If you are, you can work to ground yourself properly and also help the people around you. While you cannot save everyone as an empath you can try hard to do all you can. That being said, don’t forget about your own wellbeing, you matter too.

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