We are all born with our own gifts and powers that we can tap into as time passes. While some people choose to never use their gifts, others embrace them wholeheartedly. 

If you feel drawn to witchcraft and love spending time in nature, you could actually be a ‘natural-born witch’ without even realizing it until now. Natural-born witches are people who were born with powers that recognized them from early on. While they might not have understood those powers or gifts as a whole, they knew of their presence and used them as best they could to help others. 

As a natural-born witch, you would be someone who knows the power of spending time in nature to recharge and someone who refuses to let other people suffer for no reason. You go out of your way to make a difference in this world and well, you’re quite capable of doing exactly that. 

Below I am going to break down some of the signs that indicate you’re a natural-born witch. While some of these signs might not sound like much, they all add up to something huge. These signs show clear that you are someone who can make changes in this world.

10 Signs You’re A Natural-Born Witch:

1. You are very empathic.

You are able to feel the things other people are going through. When someone is really hurting that pain falls onto you as well as them. While this can be quite frustrating for some, it really allows natural-born witches to help heal others more properly because they truly know what the person before them is going through.

2. You know how important it is to allow yourself time in nature to recharge.

Natural-born witches know how important it is to spend time in nature and really allow themselves to recharge. They don’t waste their time sitting at home sulking, they go out and allow themselves to relax and let go as needed. This in many ways sets them apart from everyone else.

3. You sometimes see things that cannot necessarily be explained.

If you’re a natural-born witch you might sometimes experience strange visions or even go through serious déjà vu. This in itself is just part of your power. You are capable of a lot of things.

4. Synchronicities follow you everywhere you go.

As you develop your powers and grow more to help others synchronicities will follow you. You will come across people after thinking of them and find lots of repeating numbers. This is those watching over you letting you know that you are doing as you should and benefiting the world through your work.

5. You feel at peace under the moon in the dark.

Natural-born witches always feel at peace under the moon. Whether it’s a full moon, crescent moon, or something else entirely it is able to really bring them a lot of healing. Chances are you like to spend a bit of time out under the moon as often as possible.

6. Sometimes you just know things without really having a reason for it.

You often find that you ‘know things’ without having a reason as to why. You don’t know how you learned it or where you heard it but you do know it. This for the people around you might be a bit confusing.

7. Other people’s intentions are quite clear to you right off the bat.

When it comes to the intentions of others, you can read them like books. No one gets anything over your head. If they’re trying to bring you down, you know long before they put their plan to work.

8. Your intuitive side is very powerful.

Your intuitive side is one that you rely on heavily. It never lets you down and always speaks the truth. When something bad is about to happen, you are well aware even if you don’t quite understand what is about to come forth.

9. People often come to you for advice or help with healing overall.

Because you are such a strong person and your aura is so welcoming a lot of people come to you for help. You give the best advice and offer the best means of healing. Speaking with you is a truly powerful experience in itself.

10. Strange things happen when you’re emotionally charged.

When you are emotionally charged strange things happen. For instance, if you’re upset lights may blow or things of that sort but if you’re happy you may notice previously struggling plants are perking back up. I know, this might sound far-fetched but it really does happen.

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