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When we enter into a relationship, we are seeking happiness, joy, love, and fulfillment. Unfortunately, though, when we are with the wrong person, our relationship can end up causing us to be depressed.

Even worse, is that in most cases, because we want so badly to make our relationship work, that we overlook the fact that it is the root of our depression. And until we face what the problem is, we can never endeavor to fix it and make it better or at the very least, make our lives better. If you are starting to question how your relationship makes you feel, then check out the following ten signs that your relationship is causing you to be depressed.

1. Your partner makes you feel powerless.

Rather than empowering you, your partner makes you feel as though you have no control over your own life. You aren’t able to make decisions about your own life, and you feel trapped.

2. You are constantly walking on eggshells.

Whenever you make a decision, you fear your partner’s reaction. You are afraid to say how you feel or do anything they would disapprove of.

3. Your relationship feels like a burden.

When you think about your relationship, your chest tightens, and it feels like a huge weight is on your shoulders. You may even avoid thinking about the reality of your relationship because it hurts or stresses you out too much.

4. You feel isolated from other people.

You feel isolated from social activities and never get to spend time with your family or friends. Even if your partner doesn’t come out and say it- you may feel like they disapprove of you spending time with anyone but them.

5. You feel dependent on your partner.

Regardless of whether it’s an emotional dependency or whether you depend on them to get by, you feel dependent on your partner. They make you feel as though without them, you’d have nothing.

6. Your partner makes you feel worse when you are around them.

Rather than feeling happy around your partner, they drain you. You could be having the best day, and when they come home, you feel like your day is over.

7. You put in more effort than your partner.

When it comes to effort, you are pulling far more weight than your partner. You always are the person doing the work, trying to make things better or keep them afloat. And your partner doesn’t put in any effort.

8. You cannot remember the last time your relationship made you happy.

When you try to remember the last time you are your partner laughed together or smiled together, you can’t remember when that way. Most if not all of your recent memories together are all sad ones or stressful ones.

9. You can’t see a future with your partner.

When you think of your future with your partner, it’s unclear. You can’t and don’t imagine yourself with them, and you can’t figure out why.

10. Your partner doesn’t hear you.

When you try to talk to your partner about your problems, they don’t or won’t hear you. They refuse to listen to you and completely shut you out.