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Energetic healers, or lightworkers, are people who possess an innate talent for shifting the energy in others. Oftentimes, these healers don’t even realize what it is that sets them apart from others, but some signs can point them in the right direction.

Even without realizing their knack for lightwork- a lightworker can use their gifts to help others. They may often wonder what it is about the, that seems to draw others in, or why they are so good at helping their friends through difficult situations. And then one day, they have a major aha moment and they can focus their intentions on their abilities and truly make a major difference in the world.

If you have always felt a little different or even magnetic- there may be a bigger reason as to why. Check out the following 12 signs you are a natural-born energy healer and don’t realize it.

1. People feel soothed by your presence.

You may often hear that your friends, family, and even strangers are soothed by your presence. After talking with a stranger, they may thank you for helping them, even if you didn’t realize you had helped them. For whatever reason, you seem to have an ability to soothe others, even if it’s unintentional.

2. Animals are drawn to you.

When you go somewhere new, you may notice people’s pets seem to walk right up to you, even if they don’t normally like new people. Some lightworkers even report squirrels or deer coming seemingly out of nowhere and walking right up to them. Animals can sense the vibrations of a lightworker, and like humans, are soothed and drawn to their presence.

3. People tell you about their problems, without prompt.

As a lightworker, people feel comfortable in your presence. Without asking- they may tell you their entire life stories or even tell you about their very personal problems. While they may not even realize why they are doing this, it’s because you are transmuting their negative feelings and making them lighter on them.

4. You are highly sensitive.

Healers and lightworkers are highly sensitive people. They can pick up on the feelings, thoughts, emotions, and overall vibrations of others. When you walk into a room, you may find yourself feeling floored at all of the energy that hits you at once.

5. You’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety or mood disorder.

Lightworkers and healers are often mistakenly diagnosed with a mood disorder or with anxiety. Since the medical community doesn’t acknowledge the existence of energetic healers, they are stuck to diagnose you, and many of the symptoms and signs of being a lightworker can present as mood disturbances.

6. You often feel drained after being in a large group.

Due to your highly sensitive nature, when you enter into a room full of people or go to a large social event, you may feel exhausted. As you pick up so many emotions, energies, and the like- it can be overwhelming. Taking time and space to regroup after large events or group outings is a must.

7. You are introspective.

As a lightworker, you are a deep thinker. You are naturally spiritual and observant and can be a bit introverted at times. However, you aren’t introverted because you are anti-social. You are introverted because you enjoy the time of introspection and deep thought.

8. You have an urge to ease the pain of others.

When you see people in pain, you feel drawn to help them. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know them- seeing someone in pain hurts you. You feel as though you must talk them through a dark moment, or even just to hug and console them. If you experience this- you are likely an energy healer.

9. You are highly intuitive.

Energy healers are highly intuitive. They can read people and oftentimes know the outcome of a situation before it even happens. Because of this, people may ask you for advice or guidance.

10. You feel like an alien.

Your whole life you have likely felt different, like an outsider. No matter how much you want to fit in you can shake the feeling that you never will, because something about you sets you apart.

11. You don’t care for small talk.

Small talk bores you. Whenever you find yourself in a short conversation filled with small talk, you may find it hard to pay attention. You may even have a hard time connecting to people that engage in small talk, and try to steer the conversation in a deeper direction. Because of this, you may make some people feel uncomfortable.

12. You are good at shifting people’s negative moods.

People may come to you in their darkest moments, and after a good talk with you, they walk away feeling lighter or happier. This is how an energy healer can heal others, by lightening their energetic load. You may even find that on many levels, you enjoy helping others in this manner. Try harnessing this ability- just be sure to clear your energetic body afterward with sage or quartz crystals.