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Indigo children are some of the most amazing people on this planet. They are far more gifted than I can find the words to explain and hold a very prominent place here on this planet.

As we have gone over before there are lots of different kinds of indigos and they are all in different age groups. Some are younger and others might be well into their middle-aged lives by now. As a parent, you probably already assume your child is special but does he or she have superhuman powers? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself whether or not your child is an indigo?

Indigo children possess special abilities that most other people cannot truly comprehend. Some unlock their abilities early on and others do not. Their aura reads differently than the auras of the rest of us and they really stand out big time.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that might indicate that your child is an indigo. That being said, if you find your child is not an indigo he or she could still be just as special, there are plenty of different kinds of star children in this world today. We all have a unique purpose.

10 Signs Your Child is An ‘Indigo’ and What That Means:

1. They fight all of your silly rules.

Indigos have problems with authority. They will abide by all the rules that make sense but if something seems pointless they won’t pay much attention to it. While you might not want him or her going out and getting muddy if he or she wants to play in the mud, it is going to happen.

2. They are very insightful.

They are always coming up with newer and better ways of doing things. While this may seem odd, they are just so talented when it comes to this kind of thing. From a young age, he or she might make small things for you in the hopes of improving your life.

3. They struggle with fitting in.

Indigos don’t really fit in with all the normal people. They do manage to find small groups of those they can truly resonate with but as far as being popular, it doesn’t really happen. They are a bit more solitary anyways.

4. They are a bit headstrong.

Indigos are some of the most stubborn people there are. They will get one thing in their mind and stay set on it. You cannot often convince them to back down.

5. They are not necessarily very social.

They don’t really care too much about socializing. You have to basically force them out to parties and convince them to have friends over. They like being alone more often than not.

6. They seem wise beyond their years.

They are much smarter and wiser than other people their age. It’s like they are ten going on 30 and growing older each day. They are constantly blowing you away with their words.

7. They get bored easily.

Indigos tend to stay bored. They do not find much solace in the things other people do. Sure, something might catch their interest for a moment but not forever, they focus in a different way than the rest of us.

8. They are very creative.

Indigos are extremely creative. They are very artistically inclined and are able to use music and drawing to bring forth emotion into this world. They can do so much when they put their passion to work.

9. They have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

Most indigos are labeled as ADD or ADHD children. This is because they can be harder to handle than other kids. This in some cases squashes who they are. Just about every single ADD or ADHD child I have ever come across was without a doubt an indigo.

10. They bond easily with plants and animals.

They are drawn to animals and plants and animals and plants are drawn to them. They have a deep connection that is very clear. They are constantly finding animals to bring home and terrorize you with.

Image via Suggest