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Many people think of intuitive people and immediately assume psychic medium or a fortune-teller. But, honestly, you don’t have to be a psychic.

Everyone can develop their intuition, much like a skill. With practice and work, in time anyone could be more intuitive. We are all born with the intuitive instinct, but during our life, for most of us, our intuition falls to the wayside. However, some maintain their intuitive abilities and don’t even realize it. Here are 10 signs you are highly intuitive.

1. You can sense the emotions of others.

You are a natural empath, who can pick up on the emotions of others. Sometimes, when you enter a room, you can not only pick up on the emotions of others but can feel them for yourself.

2. You can read people.

When you meet new people, you can instantly read what type of person they are and what they are about. Others may call you crazy, but eventually, what you thought is what ends up being true.

3. You have prophetic dreams.

You have dreams about things happening before they ever happen. Oftentimes, your dreams send you messages about events and people and warn you about situations that end up happening.

4. Animals are drawn to you.

When you visit friends and family who have animals, even if their pets normally don’t like people, they come up to you. For whatever reason, animals are drawn to you.

5. You can discern when danger is present.

When danger is present, you can sense it. When you warn others about the danger, they may think you are crazy. But, ultimately, in most cases you are right.

6. Sometimes, odd thoughts come out of nowhere.

Strange thoughts enter your mind at random times. And while they don’t always make sense, eventually what you thought about comes back around and has meaning.

7. You are a good judge of character.

People often come to you and ask you about other people to find out what you think. They do this because you are great about understanding what people are about before anyone else.

8. You are very self-aware.

While other people may not be aware of themselves, most of the time, you can see yourself. Sometimes, it isn’t the greatest, because you know when you are wrong, even when you don’t want to. But it helps you to grow.

9. You learn by listening to your gut.

When learning something new, you can pick up quickly. Why? Because you don’t wait for a pamphlet to tell you how to do something, you listen to your gut.

10. You constantly notice synchronicity.

You are constantly noticing repeating numbers, and signs from the universe. While the repeating numbers may seem odd to others, you know where they come from and instantly know that the universe is sending you signs.