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There are some people we meet that we have an indescribable connection with. For these people, we could be kindred spirits.

For those who do not know a kindred spirit is someone who shares a special bond with another. For instance, if you are someone’s kindred spirit this person would be yours as well and you would be drawn together on a higher level of consciousness. This connection is like nothing you will have ever felt before. If you think you may be kindred spirits with someone in your life currently then you most likely are but for a little reassurance check out the following signs.

10 Signs You Are Experiencing a Kindred Spirit Connection With Someone Close to You:

1. You respect this person and they respect you.

Sure, you both have differences from time to time, but respect is not lacking; you both get each other. This makes for a great support system between the two of you.

2. You are both honest with one another.

You don’t lie to this person and they do not lie to you. You both built a friendship or relationship full of trust and that is a marvelous thing. You don’t have to worry about whether or not this person is telling the truth, you just know and vice versa.

3. You can tell when this person needs something.

When this person is needing you, you just know. You can sense their pain with ease. They do not have to say anything.

4. You are able to learn from this person and still teach them things as well.

This person has taught you so much and you have also taught them so much. You both learn from each other and are not afraid to be wrong. In life, we never stop learning and growing.

5. You can sense what this person is feeling without words.

You don’t need words to know what is going on. When this person is happy you can tell and when this person is down you know. You are both so understanding of one another it is almost unreal.

6. You both match on another’s energy.

You both are energetic matches. No one is on a higher level than the other. You just match so perfectly.

7. You feel like this person does not judge you.

This person does not judge you no matter what and you don’t judge them. You both understand the flaws you each have and accept them openly. This is a great feeling, a feeling of truly being understood.

8. You are able to highlight the things you each need to let go of.

You are both able to benefit from being in the lives of each other. You know the areas that you each have to heal in and push one another to do so. You grow together.

9. You came into this person’s life when they needed you the most.

This person needed someone and no one was there, then you came out of nowhere. You were exactly who they needed when they needed you whether they realized it or not. They were also who you needed but didn’t know.

10. You are able to become a better person for having known this person.

You have become so much more for having known this person it is insane. You are both so much more advanced than you were before. You are developing your skills rapidly.

Featured image via elenadudina.deviantart