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Angels are all over the world whether you can see them or not and sometimes those angels are actually other people. We manifest in different ways in each life and you could be an angel in training without even realizing it.

You see, before moving onto that level you have to achieve certain things in the lives you live. As you move from one form to another you continue climbing up the ladder. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you might be an angel in training and what these signs mean for you. Don’t stress, if this is happening to you, it is going to really bring you to a place in the universe that you never thought you could find.

10 Signs You Are An Angel In Training:

1. You are a very sensitive person.

As you progress in your journey you notice that you are much more sensitive than other people. You are more energetically inclined and pick up on things others do not. This is both a good and bad thing.

2. Your dreams are extremely vivid.

You don’t dream all the time but when you dream they are extremely vivid. Your dreams seem to send you messages and that is because they are doing just that. The universe is telling you something.

3. You see repeating numbers often.

You notice repeating numbers be it on the clock or in the signs on your way to work. This is something known as synchronicity and can mean a lot of things. Usually, it means you are on the right path but you should look into whatever numbers you find, numerology can tell you a lot.

4. You sense when something is not quite right.

When something is not as it should be you can feel it. You can sense when something peculiar is happening. Your intuition is much stronger than that of most other people.

5. You question everything.

You seem to question everything. No matter what it is you do not accept it blindly. Nothing should ever be accepted blindly.

6. You are always helping others.

You are forever working with others and helping them to get where they need to be. When something is going on you are the first to offer a hand. You don’t mind going out of your way to do good in this world.

7. You see things before they happen.

You tend to see things before they even occur. This could be something coming to you in a dream or deja vu right before an actual event. Regardless it is a big sign, so don’t ignore these kinds of things.

8. You are always trying to learn new things.

Angels are always working to learn more about the things of this world. If you are someone who seeks knowledge you are someone that is very angel-like. Not everything is as it seems.

9. You are very open-minded.

You are a very open-minded kind of person. You usually give attention to things most others wouldn’t. Even the most peculiar situations can make sense to you depending on how you look at things.

10. You can be quite moody.

Because of this transition, you can be a bit moody. You sometimes go from happy to crying for what seems like no reason. There is a reason for this even though you cannot see it just yet.

Image via Dreamcatcher Reality