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Have you ever noticed how there are people who seem more spiritual right off the bat? They may not be really doing anything in regards to being spiritual or working towards their higher self but they just resonate differently than the rest of us.

People who are what I consider to be naturally spiritual are the people who have been through lives on this world and accomplished so much that their new life begins with a different base than the rest of us. These people are more advanced within and it really does show. You can tell a lot about a person when you pay attention to how they think, act, and what they choose to let bother them.

Sure, more and more people are becoming interested in spirituality in current times but these people are different. They don’t seek things out in the same ways others do. It is as if some of us start out on plane 1 whereas others are beginning on plane 4 if that makes sense. Everything they say or the things they believe can relate back to something spiritual when you analyze it properly. Below you will see a list of signs that you might be one of these naturally spiritual individuals.

10 Signs You Are A Naturally Spiritual Individual Without Trying:

1. You give freely.

You are not one to expect anything in return. You do nice things for those in need and still manage to take care of yourself as well. You love to do things for people who truly appreciate your kindness.

2. You relate to everyone in some way.

You have a sense of oneness that most people struggle to find. You feel connected to everyone and everything that is living. Even the people you do not like seem to give you this kind of connection.

3. You are a sincere person.

You really do care about the people in your life. You are sincere and genuine in all aspects of those words. Sincerity is something this world lacks greatly.

4. You spend a lot of time in nature.

You find yourself spending time outside alone more often than not. You like to be there when you can taking in the peacefulness and watching animals. You love animals.

5. You crave silence daily.

You need peace and quiet to recharge. Things in life can become a bit overwhelming and this is how you get them off of your mind. While it is not much to most it is everything to you.

6. You are not afraid of the unknown.

You embrace change and are ready for whatever this world throws your way. Sure, you may be a little uneasy at times but you are not afraid. You know that this life is something you were meant to truly live.

7. You do not judge others.

Don’t get me wrong, you may have the occasional judgy thought but you shut it down immediately. This is something most people cannot do. You are willing to look past all the bias and accept people for who they are.

8. You are unapologetically yourself and will not change for others.

You will not change for other people. You are who you are and no one is going to make you into someone you are not. You know your truth and you live it as best you can.

9. You are always willing to learn.

You know that in life we never truly stop learning. You are always going out of your way to learn things and never skip a lesson. You make mistakes and wrong choices sometimes but something good always comes from them.

10. You notice the small things.

You pay attention to detail. All of the small things in life bring you joy. You are someone who will not hesitate to stop and smell the roses every once and awhile.