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There are different types of love that we will encounter in our lifetime, however, unconditional love is the goal. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell what type of love you have for your partner because when we are so close to our own situations, it is not always easy to see things for what they truly are.

With that being said, if you know what you are looking for, unconditional love is easy to spot. Unconditional love is the purest form of love. There are no conditions, this love is not dependent on anything other than love and the feelings you have for one another. Nothing outside the relationship could ever impact the feelings you have for one another. While this may not really give much info on the signs themselves, this does give a general idea of what unconditional love is. Below, I will cover the signs.

Here are 10 signs of unconditional love between two partners.

1. You are able to cast your differences aside.

Even when you do not see eye to eye, you both still manage to not let it tear you apart. On the contrary, when differences arise, you are both able to remain calm and try to find a resolution together. If no resolution can be reached, you both accept each other’s autonomy and your love for one another does not change.

2. They prioritize your needs and vice versa.

Your partner makes your needs a priority, and you make their needs a priority as well. If your partner lets you know that they need more time with you, you listen with an open heart and then make sure you set time aside just for them.

3. You accept each other entirely.

You have both learned to accept that each of you has flaws. In spite of those flaws, you continue to love and accept each other.

4. You don’t want to change each other.

There may be things about them that aren’t your favorite- but you do not want to change a thing about them. Yes, normal struggles arise, however, even in the face of those obstacles, you both continue accepting each other.

5. You both want to grow old together.

In your mind, you can imagine no other outcome in life other than to spend it with them. You do not look for other people, you do not have anyone in the back of your mind if things don’t work out, and you do not entertain other people. Your heart and soul are focused on this one person, no one else.

6. You can talk to them about anything.

You can always be yourself around this person and tell them anything that is on your mind. No matter what you share with them, they are able to accept it and listen with an open mind and an open heart. Of course, this has to work both ways.

7. You resolve issues together.

As issues inevitably arise, you both try to find common ground. Instead of allowing differences to tear you apart, you come together as a team and tackle them together.

8. Even when you are upset – you remain kind.

No matter how upset you get with one another, you do not resort to calling names or saying hateful things. Instead, you both know when it is time to take a pause to calm down and then revisit the situation respectfully. For the most part, you are able to sit down with each other and openly discuss whatever it is that is upsetting you.

9. You are protective over one another.

When it comes to one another-you are both protective like a mother lioness. No one is allowed to treat your partner disrespectfully. And they do not allow anyone to disrespect you, either.

10. You have authentic compassion for one another.

You have a level of compassion for your partner that is unlike anything else in the world. Furthermore, you love them with all of your heart and soul. They also possess this same compassion for you, making sure to consider you before all else.