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It’s likely that the vast majority of us have experienced or met at least one manipulative person in our life. And while once the manipulation has been done, the damage is also done, if you can spot a manipulator before they have a chance, it makes things much easier.

Manipulative people have a personality that is much different than normal people. The way they carry themselves, attach to others, and even the way they talk can give us clues as to what their true intentions are. In life, reading between the lines can be hard, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. However, if you can spot people by their overall personality, it can be extremely beneficial.

Here are 10 sure signs that you are dealing with someone who has a manipulative personality.

1. They are very intense.

Manipulative people are often very intense, attempting to sway others by the use of exaggerations and extremes. They view the world in black or white, and you can often tell this in their behaviors. When they are trying to make a point, their entire demeanor changes, almost as if they are taking on a role in a movie.

2. They “brown nose” people they view as important or useful.

If you notice someone who sucks up, but only to certain people at certain moments, beware. This is a sure-fire indicator of a manipulative personality, and it’s likely that they are sitting back and observing others, just waiting on their moment to pounce.

3. Their personality and demeanor change, depending on who they are around.

Manipulators are like chameleons, completely changing their behaviors, beliefs, and morals and adjusting them to fit their current company. While it’s normal to share certain aspects of yourself with different people, it’s something else entirely to completely change personalities depending on who you are around.

4. They make themselves look like the victim.

In all cases, manipulators believe they are the victim. They are never able to see that they are capable of doing wrong, and even if they could, it wouldn’t help them to manipulate others if they were able to see through the BS. If you notice someone who is always talking about how everyone does them wrong, this is a major red flag.

5. They are extremely vague.

Manipulators use vague statements to make sure they stay on a level playing field. When asked questions they don’t want to answer, because it might jeopardize their image or their ability to get what they want, they will seem intentionally vague.

6. They pass the ball, a lot.

You may notice when you are around a manipulator that they often pass their responsibilities and tasks off onto other people. Rather than doing much of anything, they will often pawn their tasks off onto anyone that will do their bidding.

7. They pretend to be perfect.

Another trait of a manipulator is the superficial charm. They often fake personality traits, and accomplishments to seem superior or better than they are. However, if you pay close attention, you will likely see this mask slip from time to time.

8. They call everyone else into question.

Manipulators often point out other people’s wrongdoings and flaws as a way to draw attention away from themselves. They can often be found gossiping about others, or being overly critical of others in conversation. They are very judgmental and love to project their own insecurities onto other people.

9. They are self-centered.

Manipulators are very self-centered individuals that really care very little about the needs of others, and instead, tend to focus on themselves and what they want most. During the conversation, it’s likely they will interrupt you, or even talk over you, so they can draw the attention back to themselves.

10. They are entitled.

Another tell-tell sign of a manipulative personality is someone who is entitled. They may talk about how jealous they are of others, and insinuate that they deserve good things more than anyone else. Another way to pick up on entitlement is by looking at how this person interacts with other people.