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Spirits are all around us and while we cannot necessarily see or hear them, they can send us signs in a lot of different ways. If you’ve been noticing some strange things, you could be someone that a spirit of sorts is working to contact.

While no one can say for sure that all of these things are pointing to ghosts or things of that sort if you’ve ever experienced anything like this you know how real it truly is. Whether the spirit working to contact you is someone you’ve known or not, they can reach out for tons of different reasons. Once you become aware of the signs, you will know much more properly just where you stand in all of this.

10 Signs That A Spirit Is Trying To Contact You:

1. You keep having very vivid dreams of specific things.

Ghosts tend to visit us more often than not in our dreams. This is because at night when we are sleeping the veil is at its thinnest. That makes it easier for those from the other side to contact us.

2. You smell things that remind you of someone who had passed without any reason for the smell to be found.

If you happen to smell the perfume your grandmother used to always use, and she has passed, that could be a signal that she wants you to know she is still with you. These people who have passed on know what smells they need to bring forth to remind you that they are there and while it could be a bit confusing it is quite reassuring. This really helps us to understand a lot more than most want to admit.

3. Temperatures in rooms are changing and you’re not sure why.

When a spirit is around, you will often notice a temperature change in the room you’re in or in the room that the spirit is in. A lot of people tend to say that it feels like there is some kind of cold air coming from somewhere they cannot identify. This is something I have experienced firsthand.

4. You keep seeing certain numbers all the time.

When it comes to ghosts and things of that nature a lot of them will reach out to us by putting certain numbers before us to figure out what meanings are being held. This is something we refer to as synchronicity and it relates back to numerology in this sense. The more you see the same numbers the more you should look into them.

5. You feel a presence with you of some sort.

If you feel like there is someone there with you then you likely are well aware of what you’re facing. Oftentimes you can tell if the spirit around you is a good spirit or a bad spirit. They hold a kind of aura that isn’t as hard to read as some might make it out to be.

6. You keep finding white feathers.

White feathers are something that spirits use a lot to show us that they are here with us. The more you’re finding them the more this spirit is reaching out. They want to tell you something but it’s up to you to figure out just what that is.

7. Your pets seem to be reacting to things you cannot see.

Our pets can sense and see things that we as human beings cannot. They are able to react more accurately because unlike us they are able to truly experience the things going on. Is your dog barking at something you can’t see?

8. Lights keep flickering and electronics acting up without reason.

Spirits and things of that sort sometimes affect electronics and even lights. Do your lights keep flickering at random times or do you find that strange things are happening? The more you dive into this the more you may realize that there is something quite supernatural happening around you.

9. Out of the corner of your eye you keep spotting shadows and things of that sort.

Just because the you’re seeing a shadow doesn’t mean you’re experiencing something dangerous. Some spirits are shier than others, and they may seem to creep around and linger in the darker areas. While you should be careful, you should be working to pick up on the vibes you’re noticing as well to see where things are heading.

10. You notice orbs in photos and pictures.

While some people think orbs are just some kind of hoax, I think they do really signify spirits in many cases. If you’re seeing them in photos especially under specific circumstances, you shouldn’t just dismiss them. I have noticed orbs in photos in places I know my deceased grandmother would be siting if she were present and it really blows me away.