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We all have guardian angels and while you might not be able to see them, they do make themselves known in some pretty specific ways. Whether you’re being sent a warning or being reminded of where you are in your life, your angels will speak to you.

Angels in this world hold a very prominent influence over our lives and the more familiar we are with the angels in our lives the better we can progress ourselves as a whole. Angels help us to make our lives better. They remind us what actions we need to be taking and push us to try new things. 

Below I am going to go over some signs that might indicate your angels are standing with you. These are signs that you’re not alone and that those sent by the universe to remain with you have not failed you. Their presence in itself should be more than enough to keep you pushing through all this world throws your way.

10 Signs Your Angels Standing Before You:

1. Synchronistic numbers are quite present in your life.

The more you notice repeating numbers, the more present your angels are in your life. Angels use numbers to speak to us without words. If you haven’t dived into the world of angel numbers yet, you should. Each number holds its own meaning and has a message for those who are seeing them on repeat.

2. You find a lot of pennies.

When angels miss us or want us to be reminded of their presence, they sometimes drop pennies down from above. While this might sound silly, it is something a lot of people experience. That having been said sometimes it’s dimes instead of pennies, but it’s almost always a coin of some sort.

3. You hear inspiring voices.

Sometimes our angels actually speak to us in a literal sense. They share a bit of guidance or merely give us a reminder that we are doing our best. These voices come forth at the most unexpected times and get us through the worst moments.

4. Specific songs seem to come on when you need them the most.

Our angels are really good at keeping us going. They sometimes will play specific songs for us be it on the radio or otherwise so that we can be reminded to cheer up or that something is only going to be hurting us for a short time. If you happen to hear your favorite song when you’re feeling down, thank the angels above you for making it appear.

5. You keep experiencing a ringing in your ears.

A lot of people claim to experience ringing in their ears when their angels are closest to them. While not everyone faces this kind of thing those who do have also noted that they hear music that sounds as if it is angelic in nature. Have you ever faced this kind of thing?

6. You keep noticing specific kinds of animals.

Our angels can manifest in different forms, sometimes those forms are animals. If you keep seeing specific kinds of animals you could be looking at your angels when noticing them. They are just keeping an eye on you.

7. You keep seeing butterflies.

Butterflies are a sign from our angels that we need to make changes in our lives so that we can become more aligned with our truest selves. They remind us that we are in the middle of a transformation and well on our way to somewhere special. It literally works to help guide us as our angels do.

8. You keep smelling specific things.

When we smell things that we cannot find the reasoning behind we should assume that the smell itself is coming from our angels themselves. For instance, you might smell something flowery when you’re doing well on your path in this world. While these can vary their reasoning will be quite clear when they are present.

9. You can feel them with you.

Our intuition is a great way to be reminded of our angels. We feel them when they are with us. They are on an energetic level holding our hands and that in itself is a beautiful thing.

10. You’re finding a lot of feathers.

Feathers without a doubt appear when angels are near. These feathers can come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. They offer us comfort, validation, and remind us that we are not alone.