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Have you ever been told you were an old soul or an empath? Well, chances are if you are one, you are also the other.

Empaths are people who can and do absorb the emotions of those around them. They feel everything on a level much deeper than most. Rather than just merely being able to understand the emotions of others, they can actually feel the emotions of others, as if they were their own.

Old souls on the other hand, are merely souls who have visited this planet quite a few times. You see, we live many lives and the more we visit Earth the more we have learned. While our body may be young, our soul can be older than many others.

Old Soul Empaths:

Old soul empaths are people who are able to absorb the emotions of others and are without a doubt old souls. If you find public places to be overwhelming and often feel the pain of others on a deeper level all the while maintaining a presence that is beyond your years you may very well be an old soul empath. Take a look below at the checklist. If you identify with at least 8 out of these 10 things you are an old soul empath.

Does This Sound Like You?

1. You are spiritually inclined.

You think of most things from a spiritual perspective. Everything relates back to something else. You are forever connecting the dots.

2. Being in crowded places is quite overwhelming to you.

When you are out and about in crowded places you are being overwhelmed with emotions. This makes it hard to sift through them all and take them in. You do not do well in large groups or crowds. If you are going out, you have to prepare beforehand.

3. You are a bit of a ‘loner.’

You do have friends but you pretty much have your small circle and don’t plan to expand it. You like to do things alone because you tend to get more done that way and emotions are not bombarding you. Being a loner is not a bad thing. We all need to recharge sometimes.

4. You have a strong sense of intuition.

Your intuition works far better than the intuitions of others. You are able to sense things people rarely notice. This puts you at a great advantage.

5. You are not materialistic.

You do not need ‘things’ in life to be happy. Everything is replaceable that is not alive. You know that buying stuff constantly is not going to make your life any better than it already is.

6. You tend to be able to read most people.

You can tell when someone had bad intentions towards you or someone else. Reading people is something you have been gifted with for many years now. People just give off different vibes that you are able to sense.

7. People often come to you for advice, even strangers.

People are drawn to you. Those who come across you cannot help but open up. Your aura is bright and warm.

8. You feel ‘old.’

Old souls feel older than they are. Do you feel as if you are 30 when you are only 20? This is a great example.

9. You feel the need to help others.

You want to help others. You are drawn to a life of doing things for other people. Because of this sometimes you let yourself down, you have to remember that self-care is also pretty damn important.

10. You can see things from a more open perspective.

You can see what people are feeling and in most cases the reasons behind these feelings as well. You are able to also see both sides of things rather than merely the side you are given. I guess this is why people come to you for advice so often.