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Emotional numbness is something a lot of us deal with on a regular basis; however, not all of us realize how serious it can be. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the things going on in your life and in your mind you know how easy it can be to fall into emotional numbness.

Emotional numbness for those who might not be sure is basically something that occurs when we are emotionally exhausted. When we end up feeling this way it is often because we have kept pushing forth until our emotional self has literally decided to shut down. We end up feeling dulled out and unable to actually ‘feel’ the things we’re supposed to be feeling.

If you’re feeling emotionally numb, working to figure out the reasons behind it can really help you change your life for the better. Below I am going to go over some of the potential reasons that can cause emotional numbness and what usually drives those things in our lives. The more emotionally connected you are with yourself the better you will be able to combat this kind of thing when it comes forth.

10 Reasons Why You Could Be Feeling Emotionally Numb:

1. You’ve allowed someone else too much control over your life.

When we allow other people to gain control over us, we close ourselves off from making our own decisions. While getting advice and hearing other people out is fine, you should be the one who gets the last say in everything. If you are letting the rest of the world tell you how to be you’re going to end up emotionally numb sooner or later.

2. You’re under a lot of stress.

The more stress you’re under the more emotionally numb you’re going to become. We all get overwhelmed in our lives and this is not something you can avoid. Stress needs to be dealt with properly otherwise you’ll never truly get rid of it.

3. You’ve gone through serious trauma in the past.

We all go through trauma but sometimes trauma makes us emotionally numb. If you are dwelling on something you’ve gone through you need to work to let go of the pain you’re holding tightly. While it’s going to be hard, it is crucial for moving forth.

4. You’re going through so much you’re unable to process.

We all go through things in life and sometimes those things pack on to the point where we are unable to process them. We end up with too much on our plates and unsure of where to go from where we are. This is not something you should ignore.

5. You’re struggling with rejection.

We all go through rejection at different points in our lives but how we face it matters a lot. If you are not good at dealing with rejection you need to work on it. If you keep letting the negativity build up within you in this regard you will become quite emotionally numb.

6. You’re struggling with your mental health overall.

We all struggle in different ways but if you’re facing some kind of mental illness that is making you emotionally numb you need to get help. You can get back to normal if you seek the proper guidance. There is nothing wrong with reaching out.

7. You’ve recently lost a loved one.

Loss is something that can cause serious emotional numbness. This is something you should talk about and work to overcome properly. While it’s going to take time, you are going to have to try and process things in the ways you see fit.

8. You could be taking medication that causes emotional numbness.

Medications have side effects and sometimes those side effects include things like emotional numbness. Always consider your medications when it comes to this kind of thing. Don’t overlook them because they really can cause a lot more than you realize.

9. You are too isolated and not getting the support you need.

Sometimes we isolate ourselves to the point where getting help and having someone to talk to isn’t possible. We must work to cultivate proper connections, so we have someone to lean on when times get rough. We are all human, and we all need one another at some points in life.

10. You are not giving yourself time to really settle down and relax.

In life, we all have to be able to relax and settle down. If you’re not giving yourself alone time to really process, you’re messing up. This can leave you burnt out and exhausted all the while becoming more and more numb.